KD finally posted submitted pictures

I was looking at KD's site today and they finally incorporated my review of the K-106 into the page. They also posted a couple of pictures I took of the NANJG 112A driver. Those were posted in March, but at least they are finally doing something. They have so few reviews submitted, you would think they would jump on them, especially when they are positive.



Good. I think that with budget lights the customer reviews are by far the most important guide to buying. Whether they are positive or negative it benefits the seller to be known as an open, honest seller that lets the people decide on the quality of their products.

Well said Mr Admin. I depend heavily on those reviews and I'm now careful to read the latest of the reviews as some of these lights have a tendency to change in quality down the road.

I guess that is a major advantage of DX, despite all its faults at least it frequently receives and posts customer reviews, many of which are negative.

Agreed entirely. But even without it, DX descriptions (except lumens ones) tend to be from the same planet that the rest of us live on. DX at least give you some sort of idea of what is going on and ship a LOT faster though the folks in Australia/Asia seem to do better than I ever have with KD shipping. They actually seem to make some sort of effort to get stuff out that way - just not to my way.

I've found the only way to deal with KD orders is strictly one item at a time (or at least one sku at a time) and then forget all about the order. They will deliver you something eventually even if it wasn't what you actually ordered. Mind, DX do this too.

Read your review buddy and great job. I have only ordered one thing from KD and that was a pair of holsters.....took about 3 weeks to get here.