KD (kaidomain): Deals and new products thread


Thanks for the heads up on fitting the UF-T20.
Just got done doing the swap, retaining ring on the lens was a bear to get loose but after that it was easy.
I left the shorter spring on the KD drop in intact, now the light will accept longer batteries without a fuss and still runs shorter unprotected cells as well.
Now it is bright, great tint and no rings, Got me a new Pocket Rocket:)
What do estimate the throw/lux to be after this swap?

My UF-T20 with dedomed XP-G2 R4 (yes, that was a long time ago), did 108kcd (at 2.95A). The newest bin is S4, which is 26% brighter, so that would throw 136 kcd. The XP-L Hi has a die size 2.2 times bigger, with the same current and output the throw could be 62kcd. But bigger dies project relatively well in aspherics (the poor lens quality is more forgiving towards them), and the bigger die XP-L has a bit better output at 3amps and thermal management, so a rough guess could be 80kcd.

But reality could be very different…

Hi Guys

Cree XP-E2 Red / Green / Blue P60 Drop-in available in KD.

For input voltage 3V - 4.5V

Cree XP-E2 R2 Red 620nm 3V - 4.5V 3-Mode OP LED P60 Drop-in (Dia. 26.5mm)

Cree XP-E2 R2 Green 530nm 3V - 4.5V 3-Mode OP LED P60 Drop-in (Dia. 26.5mm)

Cree XP-E2 M2 Blue 470nm 3V - 4.5V 3-Mode OP LED P60 Drop-in (Dia. 26.5mm)

For input voltage 3V - 12V

Cree XP-E2 R2 Red 620nm 3V - 12V 1-Mode OP LED P60 Drop-in (Dia. 26.5mm)

Cree XP-E2 R2 Green 530nm 3V - 12V 1-Mode OP LED P60 Drop-in (Dia. 26.5mm)

Cree XP-E2 M2 Blue 470nm 3V - 12V 1-Mode OP LED P60 Drop-in (Dia. 26.5mm)


Found 14mm x8mm boot caps in refreshing different colours, ordered some :slight_smile:

New Big reflector is arrival

86.2mm(D) x 84.7mm(H) OP Aluminum Reflector


Nice, an OP version.

I may have to pick one up to drop into my modded L3, & change over to XHP + FET…

Another Cree XHP35 HI is arrived to KD

Cree XHP35 HI D4 1A White 6500K LED Emitter

Cree XHP35 HI E2 3C Neutral White 5000K LED Emitter

And there is some solder on base plate. You can take a look on these.


Looks interesting. Will be great to see some flashlights based on these LEDs. A 3 x LED model with Multiple batteries may be the answer here as the forward voltage is high.

Dear ALL friends

We are now released a new version of KDLIGHT 7135 Driver board.

New Updated:

  1. Added Battery Reversed Protection
  2. Add the short 4.2mm (H) / long spring 12mm (H) version
  3. S1, S2, S3 and S4 solder pad and ground jumper will be closer to let you solder easier
  4. 16 totals programmed output modes can meet your needs
  5. Low voltage warning and LED auto shut down to protect your battery

KDLIGHT 7135 Driver Board

Also, we had introduced a new brand KDLIGHT. We would continue to offer the product with good quality and high Price–performance ratio.
If you have any comment on our product, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



Looks like a great driver with lots of options. Thanks!

Looks like a nice regulated driver! But a steel spring… really?

Nice! Interesting selection of modes here, and the longer spring is a nice addition:

Hi Mattlward,

This is not Steel Spring. This spring is brass material with silver coated.

The spring wire size is 0.7mm.



Last night I ordered one of the KDlight V3 8x7135 drivers. I like the added reverse polarity protection and how it deals with low voltage. The mode spacing is good and unlike the Qlite you can choose for no memory, which is essential for me.

BanL, do you happen to know what the PWM frequency is (too high to notice I understand but how high?)

If it works as it sounds, it is going to serve in a mellow XP-G3 high CRI triple build. :slight_smile:

Hey BanL, thanks for the reply… Guess I will need to order a couple! The specs look great, I like regulated drivers in many of my EDC lights.

Which is the new KDlight?

Also will you get more cheap C8 hosts ? (like the old with red leds , they were great hosts).

I really like the KD C8’s as well, good selection of parts for them as well.

They have a 5-mode XM-L T6 C8 for $10 on clearance (bottom of the home page)

Hi Djozz

Thanks for your interesting with the new driver board.

The PWM frequency is 15000hz.



Hi Giorgoskok

We will update the new product desc asap.

We have re-designed the new reflector for the XP-L HI LED .