KD (kaidomain): Deals and new products thread

Yes, If this JKK90 produces somewhere around 5000 to 6000 it should be considered as great enough.
But I have some doubts about it since there is no review about this light, and high current (~20A) buck driver for SBT90.2 is rare to none currently for none branded lights, or did I miss anything?

I still got one package from Kaidomain missing from last year its been almost a year since i made that order so i guess its gone. Not there fault its an issue with the shipping company here but my money is still gone as the package was sent back to China.

My last order from Kaidomain was good they have changed the shipping method to Australia and i received the order in about 3 weeks, that’s great to see something suss was going on with Aramex shipping company.

Custom kd leds
7070 hi

P35 hi

Too bad, too cool :(

I wonder if those are LatticePower LEDs. The Acebeam L35 was offered with a LatticePower P70 LED.

Hello! :-)

Can someone say something more or less recent about the P5000 or H17A drivers?

I am interested in knowing if they are being served as they look in the pictures, with R010 sense resistors…


Which Driver did you use?

The P35 emitter also has a 4000k 80CRI option. Has anyone tried it?

I have. It’s in Convoy S3 with 5A driver. I like the beam quality of it. Little pinkish and about as throwy as Nichia 219C. It can’t take that 8000mA that they advertize. Phosphor turns to charcoal.

Are there any current coupon codes for KD?

The forever working BLF one.


inhave one sitting in my workshop. And the p70 also. Still need to try them. Waiting on a driver from Convoy.

I have placed about 6 orders in the last 2-3 months with Kaidoman. All for bare leds (which I never do bc of the high likelihood of them be8ng lost in shipment bc the pkg is so small) and all have come in OK. Still waiting on one in shipment. Never get shipment updates or anything though. I don't track them either .. free shipping is nice! Orders take about 12-16 days to get to eastern USA.

I did. They burn at 7A. The one I had started smoking at 7A but looked good. I switched off immediately and paired with 5A driver. Smoke again. After a while I saw a brown dot at the phosphor edge. I’m disappointed and feel like I don’t want it anymore…

BLF works for a 3% discount all the time.

They do occasionally have codes for 10% off, which is great but they come and go. The last one was "hall" during the Halloween weekend but it went away soon after the weekend was over.

New code came up yesterday - nov gets 10% off (says until end of November).

So made a small order for one "Triple Osram KW CSLPM1.TG LED with 20mm DTP Copper MCPCB Parallel with Optics " to put into a Convoy S2+ for a great little pocket thrower.... like i need want more pocket throwers.... but don't have one with three CSLPM1.TG LEDs. So why not build another pocket thrower.

So what’s the code?

type in the three letters -- nov

Oh! I had missed that.

BTW, what driver did you find? I presume 17mm. A triplet should draw much current (20+ amps).

I have a MantaRay S21 (an S2 w/21700) fitted with a CSLPM1 and a K0B with a CULPM1, both in tan colour. Considering the S2 in tan also, to complete the lineup. Maybe put the single Osram in there and use the larger S21 for the triplet as more choice in 20mm drivers – included TIR wouldn’t work though.

For the convoy s2 triples i have been using the BLF A6 A17DD FET+1 driver from here:


It's inexpensive, works well, and i normally measure around 9 amps at the tail cap.... which is great for spreading across 3 LEDs. It does tend to get warm (i measured ~ 125-130 degrees F) before the automatic step-down from turbo kicks in after 45 seconds. Not bad. And bright as heck. And you can kick it right back into turbo if you want. I tend to wear gloves for doing this as it continues to build temperature, especially in the small lights like the S2+ and the S21s.

Some of my other builds easily reach 150-160 degrees F before the temperature limit kicks in using convoy's 5 or 6 amp drivers.

Almost all of my builds are convoy based BTW.

Side-note - i had tried a MTN FET driver some months ago but they were bad and i had to return them. Lisa and Richard were great to work with and a refund was no problem.