KD UF2100's are now U2's.

Despite the listing these 2100’s are now U2’s (marked on the body as such). Mine which just arrived and draws 3.56A from a TF 3000 protected. At $13 they are a real bargain.

KD is on the fake Ultrafire black list:


The product isnt listed on the original Ultrafire website:


KD's product isnt Ultrafire, because original Ultrafire doesnt exist? :)

Who cares? :wink:

The tube’s good, the switch is good, the reflector is good, its drawing 3.5A and it produces what a flashlight should (i.e. light) and a damn lot of it. Its visibly beating my Manafont 3 mode P60 drop in that pulls 3.4A. I’m more than happy. :slight_smile:

Come to think of it, kreisler, how can there be a fake list if originals don’t exist…… :smiley:

Ultrafire, who makes fakes simmilar lights to Fenix, Olight etc. tells us no to buy double fakes because they are not true fakes original!??? :))))

I see only the 3xprice on the original site. That is the point imo.

P.S. With all these ultrafires only the BLF will help to choose the right thing, no matter what is the name.

P.P.S. Actually the quality of all UF-2100 has decreased very much since first UniqueFire UF-2100… the switch, the diod centering…. etc. Love my first uniquefire. Still works great with AMC7138x8 installed.

But anyway, U2+Body+Bad switch+shipping for $13 is a real present!

I like fakes of non-existing originals :D

it's like my bunch of T-shirts from my last trip thru Antalya.

T-shirts say "Replay" and i know for sure that Replay never produced such models.

wearing them still feels good.

makes me look fashionable. for real.


I have to correct you there. The switch on the UF2100 U2 that I just received from KD is very good. Nice positive feel and the lowest resistance I have seen on almost any light and certainly the lowest on any Ultrafire light.


nice light

Yep, I have one inbound, I do like the UI too, same as my edc18650 I built myself.

In my last 4 pieces 3 switces was bad, 1 was broken on arrival.
And it can’t tailstand, while the first versions could!

btw, just received this. A very good quality analog to UF-2100 with AMC7138 onboard. EDC 18650 XM-L U2 for $26

Just out of curiosity: How low is the resistance? Measured with the spring or without?

Ps. Thanks for the info. Might need to order some for presents..

00.4 on the 200 ohm scale of my DMM. On my meter copper wire reads 00.3

These lights sound like a good deal! Anybody know of a clip that will fit?

Solarforce clip is supposed to fit (sort of) but as I can see it will interfere with o-ring. There is a post about it on BLF search a little bit…

The problem is the new UF 2100s from KD now have the dreaded snap ring holding the driver in and no longer use the EAST-90 driver so you get a better emitter with a cheaper pill and driver. I think they suck to tell you the truth the old T6 version had a heavier pill a better driver and the pill was threaded into a nice heavy pill instead of being attached by a snap ring to a smaller lighter pill.

Yes - that's what's happening. I just got in the HD2011 special from WallBuys for $10 - piece of junk - doing 3.6A, no pill, just the housing all in one, like a Jacob A60, also has the same anodized surface the LED star is mounted on. The driver kind of floats - doesn't quite fit into the press fit spot for it. Was hoping I could do some mod'n on this light, but it would be difficult at best. I'm not familair with prior HD2011's, so not sure if they were always this way.

I also ordered this: http://www.fancyflashlights.com/goods.php?id=551, same as gords.

I have a UF 2100 from KD on the way. I will post on the quality :slight_smile:

I started modding the HD 2011 tonight - going with a 1.4A Nanjg, stacking all 4 7135's to get 2.8A, but it's really too much for this light (will get really hot in 45 secs rather than 30 secs). No pilll to speak of, no room to add copper, best I can do is pot the pill area - host is cheap plastic-like thin aluminum. I got extra U3 1C's, so using one of those in it. Trying to salvage something out of it, but after just seeing those new Convoy's (I-O EDC 18650 host w/SS bezel) on FastTech for like $20, it's gonna be a waste of time & parts, but it's fun . FastTech looks like they nailed the tube 18650 lights in prices and choices.

I just ordered one, hope it is ok, but the price dropped to $11.83

oops just bought one for a friend. I forgot about this post