Keenwin Flashlights?

Found them on Ali Express
The prices look tempting, though the minimum amount is 10 pcs. From the pictures quality looks good for the price. Does anyone have any experience with these lights?

hmmm… keenwin RC40 look nice for the price… even with the shipping it only cost less than $4/light for XM-L?
interesting…I bought several lights from aliexpress, I received them all albeit it a little slow :slight_smile:

$38 shipped for 10 looks like a steal... Hhmm, too good to be true?

yeah, it almost sound to good to be true, but at least aliexpress hold the money in the escrow until you satisfy with the purchase… much better than ebay.
now the question is… should you buy from the seller that has 0 rating? :~
or the just having a promotion sale to promote their new store?
according to them they selling it at lost right now ( to promote the new store)
i’ll take the chance and buy the RC50 hopefully it’ll do the resistor mod ( as most driver with 2 switches)

Welcome to BLF… don’t worry, someday you will have more flashlights more than you can need it for :wink:

Welcome to the forum fellow flashlight comrade,

I am not sure I fully understand your post. Did you order the 10 from them and haven’t received it? If so, please explain. Like when you ordered and so on.

I should have said, welcome to the hobby as well. You will one day have plenty of Real flashlights. Keep that AA Mag. Those are neat, and there are tons of cool mods that can be done to them. They are one of my favorite little lights. I have a few modded ones I have picked up from fellow members.

You might want to read this first.

Lol, that C8 will blow you away compared to that 2AA Maglight, I hope you have a 18650 battery!

Thankfully, it looks like it doesnt come with the cheap battery or charger. If you dont cancel your order and receive your lights, please dont recharge your batteries inside the flashlights. Chinese cells and chargers are notoriously cheap and can be very dangerous. If a cell vents inside of the flashlight while recharging, it could become an aluminum fragmentation bomb.

The price is to good and I think you will not get 10 for it, only one flashlight.

It is written

a rc50 flashlight , original price : 498 yuan

this are round about $80. Why should they sell 10 in a lot for $50? I think you will get one flashlight. The lot of 10 is a mistake.

Take a closer look at their other products:

Power bank: 10 pieces/lot for $11,8, each $1,19

the same but only one for $8 + same shippoing costs as the ten.

if they make a mistake then I just have to file dispute with them and since aliexpress have the copy of the page at the time you buy the stuffs from their site as assurance you will get what’s posted by the seller.
if the seller didn’t honor it, then they don’t get the money :smiley:

and if you look at this posting from them
the price is for lot of 10 item and you can see how much per piece is

Doesn’t seem like one flashlight.

DayLighter, you’re right about ali. There’s no risk beyond disappointment if this doesnt pan out and it clearly states “US $23.58 / lot 10 pieces / lot , US $2.36 / piece”. If there’s a problem, I’ll file a dispute and be protected. Its far easier than dealing with paypal and Ive done it before.

I dont see these light on their corp web site. Perhaps they’ve been discontinued and they dumped their inventory. The mini usb charging port connector seems to have been the weak link from a poor design leading to the failure of that part. I caved and ordered RC40’s and 50’s. If they actually arrive, I’ll fill the charging ports with epoxy so others wont blow themselves up before gifting them.

well… I don’t plan on charging the battery through flashlight anyway, so the charging port doesn’t really bother me
although it’s nice to have “emergency” charging port especially when you’re away from home :slight_smile:
but you shouldn’t rely on it other than emergency charging from your car or laptop
I bought RC50 with intent to give them away… at less than $5 it’s a no brainer as it is an EDC light that most people will be happy to receive :smiley:

Does it mean that actual product is not Keenwin?

I think it’s keenwin light but just no logo on it… just like TR-J18, they have another light the same as TR-J18, same body, same driver, except no logo on it :slight_smile:
most likely these lights are meant for free promotion, who knows… maybe the seller get these light free or almost cost to nothing :smiley:
but for under $5 for XM-L light?.. can’t complain :wink:

hmm… Keenwin RC40 at is still selling RC40 for $90
and Keenwin RC50 for $100

Its advertised on amazon but not selling.

I purchased a lot of the RC50's. We will see what happens

I figured if I get 10 than I can sell them a $10 a piece in the USA.

I havent seen any activity with my orders so I just inquired with the seller. Ali will cancel the orders automatically in 10 days if they dont ship.