Keenwin Flashlights?

remember it’s Chinese new year… they won’t be back to work until 2/6 or 2/7 :slight_smile:

Thanks DayLighter. I should have known that… its been one of those days today.

This is definitely one of those "too good to be true" type items. There is no way that 10ea of the Keenwin RC50 should sell for about $50, shipped. But, seeing as AliExpress has a good reputation (although they don't take paypal, which I prefer to use for online transactions) I have to believe that somehow it will come out right. So, even though the warning klaxons in my head were loudly going off as I clicked through to purchase this - I did it anyway.

I mean, the webpage is pretty specific - "10pcs / lot, $ 3.57 / piece" The standard meaning is that you have to buy a lot of 10 pieces, and they give a price of $35.62 to purchase the lot. I mean, could they really stretch that statement to mean that there are 10 items in the box? (flashlight unscrewed into pieces, battery, lanyard, clip, box...) Dunno. We'll see.

Me, and a lot of other purchasers are going to be really pissed if they only send one flashlight for that price. At this point, my worry is not so much towards the quality of the received product..., I just can't see how they can sell 10 for that price. We'll see how this turns out. Even though I put my money up, I'm not really very hopeful, LOL.

The seller is new and may be offering this to establish a reputation. If he/she honors his/her word, goodwill will be created and they will get future BLF member attention and sales. If not honored, we will not take him serious nor wish to do any future business with him/her.

Yes, the seller is new and is selling discontinued product. That all adds up The only thing that doesn't add up is the price. It's too low. If it pans out and I, and others - received what we ordered, then the seller will be a hero. Then maybe they will expand beyond plastic USB battery power boxes, into something that I would want to buy from them...

I think you will get 10 pcs of cheap lights, not the ones in picture.
You may not get your money back, because aliexpress usually honers sellers.
you will have to return back that crap to get your money.

I canceled my order . I don't want to deal with all the hassle if this goes poorly. I doubt the will ever send anything and let the deadline pass and alliexpress will refund the money. These lights are being sold for much more individually on the same site, they have to see that and change their mind. Plus they have no rating to lose.

well… at that price, it won’t kill you even if they sell an old light… keenwin make a decent light and these light is discontinued model… who knows they maybe got it for even cheaper price… they just need to move them to build up the rating… either way I have faith in aliexpress as I deal with them several time… like it says: they will hold the money until the customer happy with the purchase before the seller get the money :smiley:

Did someone have their order shipped? I’ve placed mine on Jan 28th and see no progress on it.

I canceled mine and got no response from them. Most likely I will get the refund when the 18 days are up.

Preguila, what does your order say? I ordered Feb 5th, so mine is still sitting on "awaiting shipment" - but I thought AliExpress automatically canceled the order if the item wasn't shipped by supplier within 10 days? Yours should be past that point.

Yup - it was a "too good to be true deal"... though, I cannot figure why. With AliExpress, the supplier doesn't get their money until the purchaser receives the item, so I can't see why they would try to sell something they don't have, or for a price they don't want to uphold.

Guess all that tried this will see pretty soon...

I was thinking that they probably just didn't realize they could get 10 times the money, or they made a mistake in the listing and then went on New Years holiday. By the time they checked on it to was too late to correct it. Does anyone know if they were still taking orders? They should at least list them sold out or take the listing down. Strange.

Well, the products are still listed as of a couple of minutes ago...

Have no idea of what they are trying to accomplish with these listings. I feel pretty certain it will just come to a crashing halt and then everyone who ordered will have to go through the hassle with AliExpress to get their money refunded - but that "should be" fairly easy as Ali's policy is if the supplier doesn't ship in 10 days they cancel the order and refund your money - so they say.

My orders cancel in 4 days. I have sent messages to the vendor via alie and email… no response.

still waiting for response too… crossing my fingers :expressionless:

It appears that this vendor no longer has any products listed.

and they’re not answering e-mails either |(
edit : just received email from them… everything is OK and will send it asap

back to crossing fingers :stuck_out_tongue: again

Their listings are back, but my order is still “awaiting shipment”. Contacted them 3 days ago but got no answer yet. If the deadline runs out I’ll let AliExpress cancel the order and won’t order again unless I hear from them.

Well, damn. How come Daylighter gets communication with these guys and no one else hears a peep? I wonder what the heck they are up to?

They agreed to cancel my order and alli is giving me a refund