Keeping warm by the fire!

Merry Christmas, y’all!

Keep warm!

Same to you LB! Stay warm up there! I’m chillin at 45 down here in the So Fla.

I heard that Buffalo, NY is going to get hit the hardest this weekend (in the U.S.)

I'm guessing NYC is probably pretty miserable outdoors right now.

(I think the high today in Palm Desert is going to be 80 degrees Fahrenheit, but of course our summers are brutal.)

Stay safe and Happy Holidays, BLF!

The cold snap is over for now. It was brutal but short.

I actually had the water pipes freeze in the house, quite literally the first time ever in like 50something years.

Gap/crack was letting in c-c-c-c-cold air right where the pipes go, so overnight… no water!

Had some old bottled water to wash my hands on occasion, but only had 2 flushes to last the whoooole day. Talk about having to hold it in…

Went and got spray-foam to fill the (wrong) gaps after having a space-heater blasting away all day in the basement room did nothing. Got the wheels turning, went outside at like 2ayem and, TS10 in hand, found the real gaps. Spray-filled the right gaps this time, finally knocked off at 4.

Sometime after heard some eerie “wum-wum-wum-wuuuuum” noises that sounded like someone was blasting gangstah music outside, so didn’t pay it no nevermind. Finally at 5 was jarred awake by sputtering then gushing as the ice finally broke.

Turned off all the faucets that were left on to relieve pressure, but left the tub on a trickle (one my my cats prefers drinking right from the tub’s spigot after watching the water go down the drain), and everything’s kewl today.

Having the plumber (NOBODY was available even for “24/7 emergency service”) come out later in the week to check what was a slow leak right where the pipes come in from underground, but hoping that was just from pressure and easy to fix/replace.

Sitting here in my robe just catching up, and right after, am gonna go for a nice long scalding-hot soak in the tub, sink down low like The Mighty Hippopotamus, and then have a much-overdue shower.

Yeah, so I was like “well Merry F’n Christmas to me…”, but it kindasorta turned out okay.

Coupla Christmases ago was when the Ironic Christmas Tree keeled over and took out power for the entire block at a little after 3ayem. Still remember that because I just caught the first few minutes of “Cannon”.

It’s always the holidays…

we will have a Christmas bonfire
with the ingredients being what
fell during the recent winds.

sorry, we ARE having a bonfire.
i just saw some flames in that direction.

I suggest not flushing the toilet when the water is off because when the water is turned back on, debris can get into the ballcock.

Pour water into the bowl for a flush, or if the toilet is flushed and the tank empty, then turn off the water to the toilet, and when the water is turned back on, flush out the lines with the bathtub and the lav sink before you refill the toilet tank.

When flushing the lines, fully open the faucet so that the little bits of sand will pass.

It was just a few yards of pipes that were blocked, not like The City™ turned off the water for whatever reason.

But yeah, I left the faucets on by design and just taking time to go through the house turning ’em off. Once all the fizzing and sputtering stops, I figure I’m good.

And every now and again I flush out the tanks (stir up and flush accumulated silt) and drop in one of those “pills”, either the ones that turn the water blue or the chalky ones (Clorox?).

Anyhoo, the net effect was probably no worse than just going away for a day or two with no water usage, thankfully.

Bleach products in the toilet tank is a no no.

is somebody popping a staple gun during the Darth Vader burn? burning wood doesn’t make that sound.

ps glad your pipes didn’t burst LBender

pps pennz is right, chlorine will destroy rubber seals in the tank

Oh man, some how I read that to the tune “Here comes Santa Clause”(?)
Hope yer safe. glad you take care of the cats.

Not chlorine, but made by Clorox for use in a toilet-tank. Says so right on the tin, so I imagine they don’t want to get sued.

Tnx! And yeah, they’re a hoot!

Wish I could luuuuuuuuure in the 3rd one that comes around. He must be freezing his tail off…

Good tip, makes sense, thanks. :+1:

Yeah, the instructions in the Korky toilet tank repair kits I’ve used specifically state not to use those types of products as they can be bad for the seals. I’m sure it depends on the chemistry of the products, but I’d sure rather not find out the hard way.

Interesting. Goggled around, lots of warnings about “cheap brand tablets”, but even Clorox tablets are named.

Wellp, only had 2 that I unearthed, 1st is long gone, will have to check the 2nd. Worst case, I can bust it up into powder and flush that more quickly.

I’ve replaced toilet innards before, so it’s not that big of a deal should that happen.

Funny, but saw one mention that “OMG!! They say you have to flush 8× per day to keep damage from happening!”, and I’m like “Yah, I can do that standing on my head.”. :clown_face::poop::clown_face:

This device uses clorox tablets but bypasses the tank and only goes into the bowl.

Kaboom Scrub Free! Toilet Bowl Cleaner System with 2 Refills

Wellp, to be honest, I only found those things on an archaeological dig and decided to use ’em vs tossing ’em out.

Same like the assloads of half-spent cleaning products like Mr Oven and Pine-Dandy and whatnot. No idea who bought ’em or when, but might as well use ’em up to clear out some space.

So yeah, I likely won’t be buying any replacements.

I don’t think once is going to harm anything.