Kershaw Brawler - $20 at Walmart

This comes in a gift pack with a ‘tactical pen’ and a cheap, crappy 9-led 3xAAA like you would get from HF. I saw the deal over at bladeforums: LINKY.

Stopped by my local Walmart and they had them in stock. I picked one up, and I am impressed. Decent blade for $20. The ‘tactical pen’ is OK too, I guess. Never really saw the need for one… The flashlight in complete junk. They also had the SOG Fasthawk for $20.

Last week I paid $19.19 for a Brawler from Amazon. (No pen or crappy flashlight included!)

At least my knife will have "Kershaw" on it. :p

The knife says “Kershaw,” the pen and flashlight do not. I like the knife so far. Its a little stiff, but not too bad. My biggest complaint would be the shorty pocket clip.

I stand corrected. :slight_smile:

If that’s your biggest complaint, I think I’ll love my Brawler.

I kinda want that tacticool/tactidoofus pen. All I have are regular pens. ;)

Hmm…don’t need another 8cr knife but…I did like this when I was looking for a knife, ended up with a Kershaw RJ II which looks similar to the Brawler but has G10 scales instead of Glass filled Nylon ones.

The pen…yeah I kinda want it for that alone.

The flashlight definitely would go in the “don’t care about” drawer with the other 5 or so 9 LED lights I have that came with other stuff I bought.

I couldn’t resist

Picked one up tonight.
Looks good for the price.

your stupid recommendation.

Thank you. 8)

Only 3?

Of course I scrutinized each and every one fastidiously. Some had sorta hinky lock-bars that were kinda too close to the blade edge, some had I don’t know a certain ‘feel’ through the bubble-pak that told me not to buy it.

Anyway, between people peering over my shoulder wondering WTH is this guy examining each and every bubble-pak carefully with this bright a torch, I figure it was time to leave with only 3 in my mitts. :cowboy_hat_face:

I really don’t like drawing crowds. I’m pretty reserved and shy ya know.

I'm sure you already creeped out the person checking you out? By any chance did you buy some rope and duck tape with it? :P

I don’t know WTH has gotten into you lately. Or you into it lately.

Is she nice to you? :cowboy_hat_face:

I can’t be as civil as Napoleon, after all I do wear a diaper…

Modified the liner lock bar to similar to how my RJ II comes stock, hated the feel of the stock bar.

Tried to skeletonize the liners but don’t have drills good enough to drill the liners.