Kerui Electronic Industrial DTP copper mcpcb

Thanks for letting us know djozz

With the Nichia119 board order I received a couple of their XM-L/XHP50 DTP boards for free, which is a nice gesture. I believe these are the same that vestureofblood sells at the moment. They look good and I checked how flat the pads are with a razor (good!) and also sawed one in half to check the DTP pad (good too!). I see no reason yet why these boards would not perform very well. Here’s some pictures:

Sweet. SO the pad is actually raised up in the center above the dielectric layer. It looks like only the thickness of the solder mask layer is counter sunk.

EDIT: If you dont mind can you post that picture of the cut away in my thread here also?

Yes sure, I posted them there too :slight_smile:


Now, where are those beryllium oxide and/or synthetic diamond dielectric MCPCBs?

Cheers ^:)

Today I received an order of ledboards that I had made by Shenzhen Kerui Electric Industry.
I’m going to sell these here on BLF for 2 dollar each plus shipping, so cost price. I have no idea how many people are interested, and it may depend on how well they test :slight_smile:

Thanks for doing those, djozz. I’ll be in for a few.

Not for me djozz but love the hacksaw work. Thanks for taking up the initiative for others here. :beer:

Hi Jos

Thank you for your post,But I did something wrong about the express and got you into complicated custom duty trouble later.
This time I got a lot of lessons.


Two Side direct thermal path copper mcpcb use for headlight.

Wow! Who are those for?


It mainly use for automobile headlight,as this product

But This design is two side derect thermal path copper mcpcb,there is two sides have circuit.

This design is in order to better solve the heat dissipation problem.


Nowadays,direct thermal path mcpcb not only use flashlight,but also other area.
For example automobile headlight also have thermal request.

UV source

High power Stage light


This is flashlight forum. There are lot of diy flashlight modders here.

So I bet any kind of flashlight dtp MCPCB’s (small, medium large, triple) will be appreciated here, and of course please put more nicer pictures of them.

The great thing about this company is not so much the availability of the usual DTP copper boards (they sell them alright), but the possibility to have any board of own design made in reasonable small quantities (from just 100 pieces on) and a fair price, with for a chinese company very good communication! Their posts show boards that may not be useful in flashlights, but they do show what variety they can make.

They would sell even more to us if they would be dedicated to flashlight dtp boards.

But 100moq as you said is not much for our own design.

About design. Can I just hand scratch something? :slight_smile:

Plenty of us ain’t engineers so readily available flashlight dtp boards would boost their sale imho.

They could offer their XP or XM boards design from wide variety of diameters for less hassle for us non designers.

i agree.

if we can come up with a design board for them to make triple or quad LED then it would be great.

It’s sux that I cant make design board :frowning:

djozz would know about the design requirements, since he has some boards that he designed and ordered from them already. But, until he answers, I’ll say what I think would be nice is a simple ability to upload designs made in Eagle or Diptrace just like we do for driver boards from OSH Park. :partying_face:


Yes,I know your request about show the flashlight picture.Yes,we hace many flashlight DTP mcpcb.For exsample quad DTP mcpcb.

For exsample,we work with fenix,they have many shape board request.
This is a sample circuit board,But have company name.

We mainly order according customer orders,May be have some in stock.
Sometimes,we also have quad DTP mcpcb(2layers mcpcb,circuit more compex),2sides DTP mcpcb for flashlight.But for many reason,I
cannot show it in public.
So I just show some usual DTP copper boards,we make some for stock.


Today is a good day for online shopping.