Key Fobs, something to do...

Key Fobs, something to do... and to sell...

I don't mod lights any more. I found it difficult while lying in a bed. Afraid the solder would start the covers on fire.

So, I had to find something. Paracord came to mind. I don't really like it, but it does pass the hours, but what to do with it? Well, something simple and that turned out to be Key Fobs. Simple enough to make and it doesn't take all that long. After about 1-2 hours, I just don't want to play any more, so these should work for me.

But, I need to do something with them, so I will be selling them. Most likely on eBay, as I just want to auction them off for whatever they will go for.

I will add a link to my eBay seller page once I have a few done, but here are a few photos of two of them. Each one will be just a little different if I possibly can.

I figured there had to be a flashlight somewhere in the thread. One of the old Lowe's or was it Home Depot 3xAAA lights from years ago.


These odd lanyards will be in a giveaway. I was just playing around and tried them for fun. They both have a section that will "quick deploy" as they say, leaving you with a 6+ foot section of Paracord for those moments when you just have to have 6' of Paracord.

This one will unravel the blue cord, but the black section will stay intact. Why? I don't have a clue other than that is the way it came out.

The all black one will unravel completely and leave you with 6+ feet of Paracord.

Idea of how big they are

As I say, these will pull apart, but I did not like how easily they would come apart, so I added this small piece of cord in the end of each one, to keep them from coming apart. When you want to unravel/pull it apart, you need to just pull that piece out first. Kind of like pulling the pin on a hand grenade. Then pull the cord apart.

I will do the giveaway after I sell some of the Key Fobs.

Sorry to hear that. :frowning: I We know how much you like modding lights…

It’s nice to hear that you’ve found something else, though not as fun as modding lights…
They look really good! Cant wait to see more of them!

Just to give you an idea. Have you thought about integrating a tritium vial?

Now that doesn’t look all that bad Justin. :wink: cool you found something to express your creative side man!

I see a bit of your file work on that light. Working with rope always made my hands ache, not enough dexterity so I was always fighting myself. Good to see your hands back in the cookie jar.

Hi Old-Lumens, I like the lanyard! :+1:

I’m not sure which method you use for winding the length of spare paracord, but I found this method for a quick-release and quick-reassembly “survival bracelet” on YouTube.

“NEW 1-MINUTE Paracord Survival Bracelet HOWTO” by MeZillch:

Perhaps you can integrate this into your projects. Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

G'Day Justin,

Very Nice work, looking forward to your creations.

Best Regards,


Nice work Justin. You did make Jack, the black and white sacked assistant, wince when he saw the lanyard with the two balls on the end. Poor Jack. :person_facepalming:
All the best for the sales.

Just-an idea for you, Justin…

Those first two could also be knife lanyards: Simple loop instead of the metal claw.

Those of us on the knife forums eat them up!

Nice work!

Nice. I like working with paracord though I don’t really do it much. One Day I’d like to have a go at platting my own leather whip just to say I did it. I’ve no use for a whip now.

Like this?

:smiley: :+1:

You’ve nailed it, Justin!

I’ll be buying a few and would be glad to steer you over to the blade forums.

Nice to see you working with paracord again Justin. Really like the way you approach knot work, look great. :+1:

My ebay selling page, now up.

First bids are in, I need an OL keyfob for my keys.

Thought, yes, but for the cost, not for long. Too expensive for those. If I could get them cheap, then I would love to incorporate them.

Only 3 days 18 hours left.

Looks like I’ll win a few of these !