Keychain all brand review


Im looking for a keychain form factor light. Output 200-400lm préférable.
Is there any post with a revues between existing lights ??

I was looking to nitecore products but there are others brands

Thank for Your help


Hey how are you doing Florian? Well, Manker has the LAD, which I really like, and then MecArmy has the SGN series keychain lights. You can probably find comparison videos on Youtube. Cheers.


Are you looking for a rectangle shaped keychain light, or is a tubular shape also ok? You have the 10180 sized li-ion lights as well.

Yes i saw the lad review

But not for sale on BG or GB no?only manker site ?

Manker does not allow strong reduction in MSRP or groupbuys. Cheapest you can find is at HKEquipment. I do think the price of the LAD is really good though.

OK thanks

I will check hkequipement

^ Don’t forget to use the code HKE80 for 8% discount. :beer:

I have the Fenix UC02 on my key ring. It is a well made nifty little light. I find that I use it more than I thought I would.


Fenix UC02

The best for the keychain: the Nitecore TIP (old version, with lock out option).
Better interface than the rest, better battery than the rest. Perfect modes distribution. XP-G2 version: Turbo of more than 300 lumens

The brightest little keychain flashlight (non-modded and free available) is actual the Foursevens Mini Mk II!!

Nearly 1000 lumen from such a little tiny light is real ‘bad ass’!! :wink:

I like mine!

Yes but i wanted to keep the form factor of the tip

OK after youtubing allnnight i finally bought the TIP
But i was looking to the SGN5….dame size but better output for the sgn5. But i dunno how about the sgn5 UI and i was sure that TIP have the lockout mode.

Anyways thanks you all for the help.


Cheers man. Hope you like your new light… Otherwise you’ll just have to look for another one :wink: