KEYGOS KE-1 CREE XM-L T6 LED with batteries, charger, bicycle holder and rear light at ebay

I won this at 25.09$

but I am not sure if it really has a CREE XM-L T6 LED . I am not sure even of the model of the torch. I have asked the seller but he will take like 2 days or more to respond. Does anyone else have any experience with this light?

It looks identical to this one

They are alike but not identical.

First of all the package is different.

The one on DX is C2 , the ebay one is C8 , look at the reflector, different design, not to mention the fact one is OP one is SMO.

Look at the specs dimensions are different.

XM-L is all over those ebay photos, I'm sure you'll get it with a XM-L.

Danton that's a XML light

Don't worry

That's a good price

Thanks guys. I just paid for it. I thought it was a good price too for a bicycle light.

Hikelight you are right. Thanks for the information

In the past I bought some products of the seller go_market and everythings works fine (incl. fast shipping - often after 2 weeks the postman rang).

How did you like it? Got any pics of it mounted on your bike? I am getting one to go on one of my bikes..

Doing a bump on this. It seems like people post about getting a light, and the poof! Don't hear from then again. :)


it is like they're actually mailing out anthrax or something instead of lights

Probably they're just too happy playing with new toy... forgot everything else.

Just to point out another thread having beamshot from this Keygo5 XML by member IlikeFL, he has one of these apparently.

$25 for XML, bike mount, rear light, 18650 x2, charger... very nice catch.

KE-1 is identical shape and size to KE-2, and similar also to KE-5.

I use the KE-2 on the handlebars with also a helmet light for off road night riding, and it is good. I have tested a few different mounts, and this is the main thing to get right. Don't worry about the torch, but I would recommended the KE-2 above the KE-1, but that is me. I prefer the KE-2 beam for all round use off the bike.

For a bike light you will not go wrong with this:

For off road best to have also a helmet / head torch. I use this on my helmet.

My Ke-1 came the other day, I mounted it on one of my bikes. I will say, it is awesome. I have another Ke-1 coming will run them in pairs. Also, I am reading that the Ke-2 and Ke-5 are slightly better than the Ke-1. I am tickle pink with the Ke-1. I love the size, the beam, and the flood.. Also, I caught the Ke-5s on Ebay for $19.50 with free shipping. I ordered a pair of them too. I got 9 bikes.. ;)

Here is a sloopy picture one of my bikes with just one Ke-1 running..

It depends if on the helmet or handlebars. Many people strap the '4 battery' pack to the frame when on the handlebars. But on the helmet I have the pack in my rucksac. My mate has it in his pocket. You could strap it to a belt etc.

There are also 2 battery packs that are smaller.

I have one of those 5 LED tail lights on my bike and I forgot it turned on in the flashing mode 5 days later I went out to the shed and it was still going strong. I used it for the rest of the summer on the same set of Duracells.