Kickstarter's silly innovations for lame crowd

Here you can post silly flashlight projects found on crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter.

4 in 1

…and of course , dont forget to back it. :smiley:

I think it’s a very good idea actually idea being 4 in 1 and it’s not overly expensive imo, would be great for people out and about being a lamp, flashlight, head torch and bike light. Nice to see the voice control being used too.
However the magnetic connection……hmm I just can’t see that being strong enough on it’s own, one big bump and that looks like it’s going to be coming off and hitting the floor to me, especially on the bike.

Yeah, my pixel6a smarty with 4000K 90+cri (checked with Opple) flash can do everything too, even more. I can make a call and chat and browse internet ;). BTW Android13 have flashlight dimmer too.;))

Yeah, But does it have a Blender built in to make drinks at the beach?

I predict a failure of those 4 prongs in the quick detach connector. I also have doubts that you can easily connect it without visually aligning the pins first.

Blender? Its looks more like a shredder. WTF is it anyway? :smiley:

Don’t know,
I was referring to the biggest Kickstarter Scam/Failure of all time, The Coolest Cooler.
Updated story on the aftermath;

I still see these things for sale at yard sales and laugh.
Made me vow to never trust/use Kickscammer for anything.
As always YMMV.

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If each silly attachment has its own batteries, then why not just their own light?
Why would I want to break up my 4 independent devices that I can use in whatever combination I want, only to have 1 usable device and a bunch of useless pieces.

I like the idea. However, my calculator just broke trying to divide the 594 pledged backers into the amount in hand of US$ 93,895.

Oh wait, did it in my head: not unreasonable. I’ll wait until we see if it’s another Cometa.


Wait, wtf? !! I must have dropped either a zero or a comma….nevermind. Kids, stay in school. Study MATH.

Why was dude wearing his bike helmet to gather firewood? Would’ve been a good time for the headlight.
I didn’t like the music, either.

My god, who funds these projects?

Vía this KS I found that wuben is releasing the X2, a 2x14500 side by side and 3 emitters flashlight with the same design as the X0.

Looks very interesting despite the proprietary battery.

I don’t see it being discussed here at all, not even by wuben themselves. You’d think that for a flashlight release they would at least come chime in here which is one of the top 3 communities for the hobby, but no they went straight to KS and still raised a crapton of money. The current flashlight market is weird.

All real useful innovations are patented by big companys and don’t need any crowdfunding ;))

It’s extremely gimmicky in the current form. If you lost the head or “spark” it’s basically useless. Maybe If they offered included mulitple heads with different emitters and tint configurations like red light, uv, and high cri etc I could see this being worth the money especially it needs to have a replaceable battery too.

Wouldn’t buy it. Apparently enough people like it to invest. I wonder if any are members here

Lmao. meh, lame idea, i've yet to see successful all in one anything, i've seen tools, with interchangeable attachments, guns with few separate barrels\slides. none really took off, it is juts a bad idea in reality.

another thing is the whole idea of crowdfunding, if you think you have a good product with great potential, why not find an investor? cuz investor will ask questions and will want to have some control over what you are doing, with kickstarter all you need is a good presentation, and suckers will fall for it, give you money with no questions asked. you do not really need to make or develop anything, just make an illusion, it is ideal platform for scams.

Well, then tell us what Crypto really is?
Can’t see it, have to keep it in imaginary Box/Storage and pay money to buy or sell it.
Sounds like suckers paradise to me, but what do I know, I’m just a working man.

Loving the Snake oil crash.
Looks like the Faceplant Winklevoss Twins are sucked into the damage too.

NOt exactly sure, but i know for a fact if you want to buy something on a dark web you need it, they do not take cc or paypal

Another one

LOL at the thread title. :rofl: