Kind of at a loss with Convoy C8 and new Mtn Fet

I’m having problems making the driver retaining ring come up snug against the new Mountain Fet drivers. The retaining ring comes up tight with space between it and the driver. I’ve tried adding solder to the outer ring on the driver with no luck. Any ideas?

Adding solder blobs to the driver has worked for me. Try making the solder blobs taller?

How much space is there between the retaining ring and driver?

Yeah I will try making thicker solder blobs, thanks EasyB. There is just enough space that the driver is loose. The old thicker boards snugged up no problem.

Success. Thanks again EasyB!

I’ve created thin copper rings out of solid copper wire to take up the space when I’ve had that problem in the past.

I have copper foil that I bought for P60’s but I gave up on that idea after a couple of failed attempts. What gauge wire did you use?

Not really sure to be honest. I just picked up some scrap wire from my parts bin and crushed it down until it took up the right amount of space. Since it’s under the retaining ring there’s no chance of it moving and possibility shorting something out. Braided wire would work too since it’s not moving once the ring is tighten down.

I considered solder blobs but I figured it would be more work then the wire approach.