Kinda new to flashlights gotta question about throwers

Hi Been coming here for a bit mostly trying to read and learn. Much to my wife’s chagrin I like flashlights. I bought the BLF Special Edition X6 and just ordered the BLF A6. For Christmas my loving wife gave me a Nitecore TM06, which I love but I would also like to get a good thrower. I’ve looked at the Acebeam k60 , a write up on the LUMINTOP SD75, and the Nitecore TM16. The wife seems to think that 1 ridiculously expensive flashlight (Nitecore TM06) should be enough for anyone so price matters…kinda lol. I’m looking for best-bang-for-buck. I saw there is a group buy for the Nitecore TM16, and it’s a descent price compared to the other two, but is it best-bang-for-buck. thanks in advance

check also olight sr52. under $100.

Best light at best price in my opinion, Thrunite TN31 on Amazon can be had for around $70 at the moment. Other guys can chime in, but I don’t think you can beat it….

Can’t get a better thrower (1000 meters) for the money than this one:

group buy is on hold presently.

that TM06 is NICE! You have a sweetheart of a wife!

If you have a soldering iron and basic mechanical skills and tools, a Uniquefire 1504 with an XP-G2 S4 2B on a Noctigon MCPCB and MTN-MAX driver at 5A and you’ll have a light pushing 450kcd.

Total cost: about $60

Thanks to all that replied. I’ve got some new ones to look into now.

Here is a review of the Olight M3 XS UT:

I think the Fenix TK61 is the best bang for your buck at $113. Has like 96mm head, holds 4 cells, and very nice quality.

Should be easy to mod to 500kCd with just a dedome and resistor mod to 4.8amps. Here is a thread with the recipe. If your willing to change the driver, you can get even more throw.

Best luck on your decision.

My mods btu str01 with XP-G2 dedomed gives throw to 900-1000m. It’s great thrower for $ 44 with the code of Ric-CN

BTU STR01 XP-G2 - I do not have beamshots

Maxtoch M24 Sniper or check out a few of the Supfire lights Mtn Electronics has.

The Warsun Zoomie X65 is an extremely good value at US$ 15.95 at Banggood here . It is a 50 mm. lens zoomy, which means that it has a small square spot and almost no spill in focused mode. The spot can be made a bit larger with a lens from DX, with slight loss in throw. The original lens is on the thin side. It has sometimes been found even cheaper than that.

REVIEW: Courui D01 (XM-L2 - 3x18650)

That’s sure a Bad Ass looking light.

I really hope that we can do a BLF-SE XP-L-HI edition!

Maybe in something around 1D or 2A tint?