Kindness and understanding for Noobies


btw, what's rule 8? Norm's link was dead for me.

8. Whining and complaining about the rules

Moderation of Forum and yes I did

Must be for reasons of space. They have so many rules that if Whining and Complaining was allowed they'd probably need a new website just to accomodate it all.

Why don’t we just have a thread closed message here? All the threads that are closed just disappear. Makes me paranoid. Thread disappears, nobody says anything, move on and shut up. If a thread in off topic or anywhere is shut down, people should be aware of it for no other reason than to let everyone know not to post about that stuff anymore. I’m not bitching about closing threads, it’s not my website, people should just be told what’s up.

I wasn't aware of any closed threads, except the Cigar one mentioned