King Clone $25 Ali-Express 24 hour deal (deal over)

I don’t plan to mod. I just want a super bright light out of the box that is reliable and a good deal.

Hitachi? I only see HGST. I do not even know this brand exist.

I also bought one of these.

It’s a 6x for $35 and comes with 3 26650’s and a charger.

I like the 6x for modding. It’s a decent size reflector for 6. It’s going to get 6 de-domed MXL U2’s that I have laying around on noctigons and two of the 5amp 3x IO drivers. (Lightmalls has them 5 for $32) I’ll run it with the Sony 50a 26650’s.

The batteries and charger will be good enough for some of my single 26650 lights.

I also bought one non-flashlight deal for my wife. It’s a dual core JXD android emulator game console for $59 it’s a steal and a great bribe for me spending this much on lights. They usually sell for about $89 on sale.

When Western Digital bought Hitachi they renamed that line of drives to HGST = Hitachi Global Storage Technologies

High performance drives rated for 24/7 use.

-Jamie M.

Ordered 2x $20 Clones. One for friend and other for myself.
Damn, I got 4 Convoys XM-L2 shipped and I am still buying. :bigsmile:

I would probably go for the King then. It’s a nice size light too. You can fit it in a coat pocket and it will be very bright.

They should call this place (BYBLF) Break Your Budget Light Forum. :wink:

Nice! That should keep you busy for a while.

J18 for $39.86, or $35 when using $5 coupon. Crazy price, and reputable seller (Tomtop) :slight_smile:

3T6 clone, $26.14 = $21.14 after coupon.

“BYBLF” is that a new coupon? LOL. :party:

Too bad they don't do PP and I don't do credit cards. Missed a good deal.

I have never had a credit card either, but I have a debit card with buyer protection on it from my credit union. I can transfer money on-line from my saving account onto the account with the card. I got it for when I go on vacation and need to rent a car or whatnot. I also use it to pay my bills on-line and it has frequent flyer miles, so once a year I get a free ticket out of it too. I’m sending my wife back to see her family in Monterey California this year. Last year I went to Fairbanks Alaska to visit one of my Army buddies. We have a disabled son so one of us has to stay home with him.

I love my credit union. I won’t use a regular bank and I haven’t paid a cent in interest to anyone in over 20 years.

Here we can get a credit card ($7 yearly fee), and it’s 0% interest because it’s pre-paid. No fee to move funds to it, no service fee’s to use it, etc! Totally free all around except the $7 yearly fee. So when you go to buy something online, just transfer the exact amount to it (happens instantly), then voila. Super secure and great way to have a credit card.

Check with your local banks and see if they offer something similar:

-Jamie M.

I can’t find where to get the coupons?

Deal is over:

-Jamie M.

cant believe i missed it….

I got some icons you can use :slight_smile:

-Jamie M.

let me give them a try:

hehe thanks! they work nice! :party:

The SST-90 emitter will put out more lumens but it can’t touch the XM-L2 for throw. And now with copper stars you can push the amps up so high that it’s . With a de-domed XM-L2 you will still get around 1500 lumens vs 2500 and about 6 times the throw (Kcd).

It’s a fairly simply mod and makes a huge difference for the better. I have modded ZY-T08’s with the same driver that is in the T90 and with a de-domed XM-L2 it smokes the stock T-90. I can’t see any point in lugging around a huge light like the T90 unless it really throws and it doesn’t do that well with the SST-90.

I do look for SST-90 and SST-50 hosts though because they are generally designed for good heatsinking because the SST emitters produce a ton of heat.

Here is Scaru’s charts.

You’re welcome.