King Kong 26650 is HARDCORE! 4525mAh and it's first cycle only!

sorry not sure what SLA is

at the moment the lights are run off 2* 2p2s 18650 config just now but with the long nights and dark mornings i am looking to increase the run time and also run both the rear and front from a single pack the idea was to have each pair conected to it's own pcb to help with ballancing mutli cell pack

i used to run a set of the ever ready bike likghts with a 12v sealed battery and that was a beast but gave amazing run time

SLA = sealed lead acid

Probably the same as the sealed battery you said you had used previously.

Hello Stephen,

Would you let me know which one would you exactly recommend?

Did you check the discharge tests to be able to asure it will discharge down to 2.5-2.6V?

yea the same type thanks

however the lights run on 7.4v packs so i would have to drop the volts

and the sla is a bit to heavy to be lugging aroung on a push bike even a small one compaired to li ion

sorry didn't mean to hijack this thread either

and thank to the op for a great review

I have the base model - currently the 106B+ - and that does everything I need it to. It'll charge up to six li-ion cells in series. It'll also allow you to reduce the discharge end voltage below 3.0v, and adjust the charge end voltage above 4.2v.

You really don't need much more than that unless you need to charge a higher number of cells in series, or want a charger that stores your charge/discharge info without being attached to a PC, or have some other specific need that the 106B+ does not meet.

If you were looking for a better model, I'd probably go with the 208B. This has higher charge and discharge rates, higher built in discharge power capacity, 8S li-ion capacity, wider input voltage range, and stores log files. I would have purchased this model myself had I had the money at the time.

It is also interesting to store the data of the discharges, so with yours I undertand you can connect it via USB to discharge the graphs to the pc.

Yes, the 106B+ will provide data to a PC in real time via a USB cable. You can charge or discharge cells without being linked to a PC, but the data won't be saved.

The 206B and 208B both have some onboard memory, allowing them to save charge and discharge data when not attached to a PC.

Thanks a lot Stephen I owe you an XM-L U3 or something :)

2nd piece of KK 26650 i got 4533mAh, 1A, discharged to 2.60V set on IMAX B6 (UT-58E measured 2.826V, and i tested this 4X by charging a bit and discharging again to test the exact termination voltage, taking good care of contact resistance).

links to buy the king kong and the MNKE ?

the king kong are imr li-mn safe chemistry? I want only li-mn safe chemistry

Get the MKNE then. That is Li Mn. KK can get from (slightly cheaper overall due to cheaper shipping and 40 cents less for the cell) and, MKNE only from int-outdoor but then you need to pay shipping.

King Kong


If you buy 3 you pay no shipping.

i like the the KK and the MNKE but i think ill get a few MNKE's when they are back in stock

Moviles, I think the cheapest MNKE are these ones:

Out of stock from goodluckbuy too. BTW, search CPF. There are cheap-ass copies of MNKEs.

Ups, I didn't notice they were out of stock.

The MNKE IMR-26650 are available in 4 capacities according to the manufacurer. 3200mAh, 3500mAh, 3800mAh and 4000mAh.

They have been sold for a long time, but not even the US dealers mentioned that, some US bought cells were tested to have only 3500mAh.

Those form goodlucky buy can be any of them since they have no capacity printed.

I think they manufacturing process gave random results and only later in their production they started to select them.

Those copies are actually blue.

I thought they were all the same, mines have exactly the same label, I bought them about a year ago from Taobao.

The same label with what?