King Kong 26650 is HARDCORE! 4525mAh and it's first cycle only!

Out of stock from goodluckbuy too. BTW, search CPF. There are cheap-ass copies of MNKEs.

Ups, I didn't notice they were out of stock.

The MNKE IMR-26650 are available in 4 capacities according to the manufacurer. 3200mAh, 3500mAh, 3800mAh and 4000mAh.

They have been sold for a long time, but not even the US dealers mentioned that, some US bought cells were tested to have only 3500mAh.

Those form goodlucky buy can be any of them since they have no capacity printed.

I think they manufacturing process gave random results and only later in their production they started to select them.

Those copies are actually blue.

I thought they were all the same, mines have exactly the same label, I bought them about a year ago from Taobao.

The same label with what?

With the goodluclybuy ones, without capacity printed on them.

You can see that the ones on Intl-outdoor have the capacity printed.

They were release randomly initially by MNKE, so you may have a 3500 one or 4000 one for those unprinted, depends.

Yeah I get you, but I did not know there were different batches till now, thanks for it, as now I know what to buy if I buy more in the future.

Just some examples:

Initially the capacity wasn't printed and all kinds of cells were shipped probably. But even so probably most of the early ones were 4000mAh

The 4000's did well with the 30 amp discharge and any thing from 0.8 amp to 20 amp is nice and closely grouped. They would do well in RC but might not be cost effective

Does anyone know the exact chemistry of these KingKong cells? I know as mentioned above, they aren't IMR's but what are they then that it can handle such high current draw?


While these batteries do well for mAh and high draw IMO they are crap if you try and use them in series with out adding solder to them and they will not work in some lights due to the fact the positive button sit's just below the battery outer edge i wish i new that before a brought some.

That's how it is with industrial cells.It's not special with the King Kongs, same problem with the Sanyo UR18650FM, can't get a light to work. King Kong even made the cathode contact higher to compensate for the thickness of the PVC. I have the Sanyo UR16650ZT, those are impossible to be used in series.

Just thought I should bring it up as it was not mentioned in the first 96 post on this thread incase new people are looking to buy some 26650's and resurching. It has been mentioned on some torch threads the TR-J12 is the only one I can think of right now.

Well the Sanyos can be used in series in a battery carrier. :)

Anyway, just add a blob of solder.

Definitely, which is how I use them at the moment.

Yeah great batteries if you have to add solder to them so you can use them, im surprised the battery reviewer did not pick that up Tongue Out . Im going to solder small light duty driver springs to the positive end and maybe even remove a driver spring on one of my torches. To recharge them im going to use a magnet on the negitive side and a aligator clip for the positive side. Also there is a bit of diffrence with the cells IR and mAh if any one has noticed yet when testing multible cells.

I soldered some amount of solder material at the positive end, not little, rather more, then just some seconds with dremel on them to clean and they work on trj12 without problem. Even a123 you can use there after such mods.

It's funny I got some cell samples recently that look just like that. Gold wrapper 26650. However they say ICR instead of INR. There are definitely 4500mAH+ 26650's out there.

Keep in mind though that your hobby charger is probably not very accurate. Infact my hobby chargers charge mAh readings is off by literally 10%! So you may want to verify the accuracy of your hobby charger. 4500mAH is possible for ICR, but not likely for INR.

For the record fresh MNKE IMR 4000mAh cells (while they were still being made) did about 4200mAh!