Klarus FX10-need instruction how to get to the LED!

Hi guys,

I wonder if anyone here has experience in disassembling Klarus FX10 head?!

Flashlight has a rotating “zoom” head but the bezel is made as one part, it doesnt have top part (krown) that could be unscrewed
so I have no idea how they mounted that rotating top part.
I also tried removing battery tube and then removing driver but no luck there either. Battery tube was glued but that was not a problem,
driver is also not glued or pressed in, great, but, they made the driver in H shape (please check the illustration below) and then forced the
button cap inside the whole assembly so now stem of the button is preventing driver to come out.

This photo is just to give you a sence how the head of the light looks like:

Here is a review by forum member Lumeniac.

If (when) I start applying force something will get damaged I am sure so before that I would like to get your input on this problem.
Thanks in advance.