Klarus G20 - single cell xhp70 - 3000lm

Looks like a real nice xhp70 pocket rocket.

Lately my attention has been diverted to flashlights with the xhp emitters. There are several single-cell pocket size models I’m considering and this one is at the top of my list ATM.

Here are the ones I’m looking at (in order of highest output as rated by Mfg.):

Klarus G20……………xhp70 3000lm
Nitecore TM03………xhp70 2800lm
Acebeam EC50…….xhp70 2500lm
Olight R50……………xhp50 2500lm
BTU STR01…………xhp35 2000lm

If anyone knows of any other xhp single-cell pocket size models please post!


The xhp70 N4 emitter in the Klarus G20 is cool white 1A (6000-6500k)


I’ve received a copy of the User Manual from Klarus to fully understand the UI.

Quick access to TURBO from off is Press and Hold either switch (exits turbo when released) but you can get turbo (on without holding button) by scrolling up through the levels.

It also has quick access to LOW from off by one click of the tail switch. The normal operation starts on LOW.

From the manual:

Independent Dual-Switch Control:
Tail Switch and Side Switch can both control power on/off and mode adjustment

Single click for power-on, hold switch for 1 second to turn power off

Switch Mode:
While flashlight is on, single click to switch to the next output in order of Low-Med-High-Turbo modes

Mode Memory:
Side Switch will return the flashlight to previous used mode when used to power on the light. Strobe/SOS settings are not memorized. Tail Switch has no memory function.

Double click at any time to enter Strobe mode, double click again to enter SOS mode. Single click at any time to exit.

One-Touch Turbo:
Hold Tail Switch or Side Switch to enter Turbo mode instantly. Release switch to exit.

One-Touch Low:
When in power-off mode, click Tail Switch once to enter Low mode

Hold both Tail and Side Switches for 2 seconds to enter Lock-Out mode. To exit Lock-Out, click any switch 3 times rapidly. The flashlight will blink twice to signal Lock-Out mode entry and exit. When in Lock-Out, pressing any switch will flash the Side Indicator Light 3 times to signal Lock-Out.


Intelligent Temperature Control:
Intelligent Temperature-Control System will automatically adjust the output of the flashlight based on current temperature registered in the flashlight to avoid overheating. This system will protect the LED and internal circuitry against damages and prolong the life and safety of the flashlight.

One touch turbo and 2 amps charging are great features for me.

I believe there’s also an Olight R50 Pro with a XHP 70 in the works (saw from CPF).

All these lights look very interesting to me. I only have one “thrower” but am interested in these after seeing the first Olight R50 reviews/impressions coming out.

One thing I notice is it seems like the Klarus G20 has a shorter throw (by spec) though…

Nitecore TM03 uses a proprietary 18650 battery to achieve its output.

Oh . My. God!
What’s the price?

The Klarus G20 seems to have a very attractive feature set. The UI is well thought-out. A charger built-in. Lots of battery capacity.
This might be a good light for camping and trekking at night.

3000 my ass… for 10s? :smiley:



Please explain your statement of 10s, is there a review/test showing a drop after 10s?

I see it has “Intelligent Temperature Control” So it will “automatically adjust the output of the flashlight based on current temperature registered in the flashlight to avoid overheating”

So this starts dimming after 10s? Do you know aprox. what it steps down to after 10s?

The run time on Turbo is 45min. (Mfg. specs.)

It’s not budget, but it’s the lowest price single cell pocketable xhp70 production light I know of.
(And the price is even less after BLF discount code of course)

Klarus G20……………xhp70 3000lm…….$98
Acebeam EC50…….xhp70 2500lm………$119
Nitecore TM03………xhp70 2800lm………$129

We need a coupon.


What is the difference between proprietary and normal ones ?

There is definitely one step missing between 650 and 3000.
I ask myself why.

I’m also skeptical about the runtime at that lumen output. If the Nitecore TM03 has a runtime of 45min at 1300lumens, there’s no way the Klarus can output 3000 for 45mins. I don’t think there’s a boost driver that would be efficient enough to reach that level and if it did, the amount of current it would use just to maintain 6v would drain even the highest mAh rated batteries very quickly. I’ll wait to see some reviews before I jump on this one.

After 45 min on turbo it will be melted.
What do you expect of this small light without cooling fins? I am pretty sure it will go into regulation very fast.

The proprietary battery means it is a battery that is specially made for and specifically dedicated to this flashlight, a normal 18650 battery will not operate the light properly.

This is what I dislike about Nitecore TM03.

Agreed, and thanks for pointing that out, somehow in my excitement I overlooked that fact. There needs to be a mode level of around 1200lm - 1400lm.

Out of any other cons this is the worst one, I also have to wonder what they were thinking. I’m not so excited for it now.

Haha, of course I was never expecting it to run 45 min. on turbo, :slight_smile: I thought about not including that spec. in my reply so someone didn’t think I was. I only included it to inform of the Mfg. spec.

My main question was regarding sp5it’s reference to 10 seconds, although now I’m sure he was merely being sarcastic of the short turbo runtime. :smiley:

I fully understand (as everyone should) all of these small pocketable xhp70 lights are designed for only short bursts of turbo.

Guys, I suppose that UI and thermal management are similar to G30, this means that you turn on turbo mode and it will reduce current very slightly while light is getting hot, no steps at all.