Klarus G20 - single cell xhp70 - 3000lm


Maybe not perfect, but I’m liking the mode levels better on the Acebeam EC50:

And the Acebeam EC50 has NW 5000k option :slight_smile: , a big plus for me that isn’t an option for the other two pocket-able size xhp70 flashlights.

The size of the Acebeam is about the same as an Eagle Eye / BLF X6 but slightly longer (+10mm)
So it’s larger than the Klarus.

It’s compact size is what attracted me to the Klarus.

Yup. I saw the pre-release for this light and was excited at the offer until I saw that mode spacing. Then I wasn’t sure if it would require press to hold as the only option for access to turbo. If this was the case then it would be 100% no go. Good thing at least it can access turbo without holding but it is still ridiculous to have 3,000 lumens turbo and 650 lumens high mode. I’d say at least 1500 lumens for high and would settle for 1,000. Not sure about this light.

Also, Acebeam is soon to release the EC50 V2 which will be 3,000 lumens turbo.

What is the parasitic drain from each switch? - the electronic side switch and tail switch?

i got mine from bg for a very good price
i love it :smiley:

for anyone who wants to know, here’s the dimensions

klarus battery 71.34mm long 26.55mm wide

battery tube 27.36mm wide (inside), 34.49-35.92mm at the base

total depth 81.38mm , depth to spring (uncompressed) 68.37mm

all the above where taken with a fairly expensive digital vernier, but due to differences in manufacturing may be subject to changes

I don’t think you re supposed to be posting the prices or the code. That’s part of the deal right?

And where it will stops?
On 900 lumens max. Except if use it in Yakutsk. There will be no lumens reduce on turbo, 3000 limens steady output.

Absolutely right.
But how many people even know what is efficiency and boost driver?
Everybody read only specs and cares about numbers.
I am wondering that nobody ask what is color temperature and CRI of led.
And finally, to buy flashlight without full info, review with beam shots and run time chart is to become rabbit for tests by your own will.