Klarus mi x5

Klarus mi x5 AAAA

Shenzhen Fest Technology Co., Ltd. in China will produce a run, while a minimum order of 10 is required to submit an order. Here is the price list email I recieved, if anyone is interested or has information to share then post and we’ll go from there.

The MOQ for the flashlight is 10pcs.

If 10pcs, the wholesale price will be $64.09/pc

If 100pcs, the best price will be $59.09/pc

If 1000pcs, the best price will be $54.09/pc.

Pauline Wu




No obligation list of interested buyers:

  • 1 drpower
  • 2 drpower
  • 3 sneym321
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10

or, I could just go here and pay $49 and get the Midas Touch Gold one for much cheaper. You will never get 1000 people on board with this.


These are cool little lights. But I struggle to see why you’d want one over the MX6i. An Eneloop AAA or lithium primary will be superior to the leaky prone alkaline only AAAA’s the MX5i uses.

That said, I’m amazed you can’t find some old stock somewhere if you only want one.

Thanks! I can usually find anything on the internet, I put almost an hour trying to source this one out just for fun with nothing! How I missed Battery Junction I do not know. I emailed them for availability, I wouldn’t want to handle 1000 peoples order, or 100 to save $10 on one for myself lol.

I just wanted one for novelty purpose, it’s a sharp looking little light. As others have said, they have even seen women wear them as a necklace pendant.

Overall, it is a nice light but mine had mode skipping problem (it has no spring inside, maybe that’s why).
It still available at goinggear, hkequipment and batteryjunction. As far as I know, it is out of production now and inventories are
running down so you’d better hurry up.
I had this light before and lost it. Then tried to purchase a new one a couple of months ago but didn’t received it.
If you manage to organize a group by, I am in.


The golden $64.95, after rebate.