Klarus P1A question

To anyone who owns this light, can the LED be easily replaced, i have an xp-g2 that needs a new home and this light would fill my need for a 1AA light if i decide to buy it

Pictures of the light disassembled would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

I don’t know about the led being able to be replaced or not but I can confirm that this light really sings when you use a 14500 cell. It makes the tint warmer and pumps out serious lumens.

Save that LED for something that will benefit from it. The Klarus P1A is amazing by just popping in a 14500.

Isn’t the P1A just a re-branded BA10? Great flashlight.

Or the Jetbeam BA-10 is a rebranded Klarus. Klarus is slightly nicer and has a better pocket clip. Otherwise, same light. I like both but prefer the Klarus.

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i don’t have any 14500 but i have many eneloops that would provide light if needed and i have the noctigon xp-g so i thought i would see if it would work, i will look up the BA10, perhaps there is a photo of it disassembled

I think you have a tough time getting that thing open..

I've been trying to open my klarus P2A, but without luck... hand power just doesn't cut it..

I've tried heating it first then, when cooled down a bit, again with hand force, but no move.

I've tried it with a ........... something that plumbers use...which slipped, and scratched the head...

Not much luck opening mine..I hope yours is different.

I have one Klarus too, head is glued :expressionless:
driver is also glued, there is no way to get it out in a civil way…

That`s what I thought.