Klarus P1A replacement parts

My Klaris P1A stopped working. The battery is stuck in it, and the switch doesn’t work. I presume the alkaline leaked - I’ve got 60+ eneloop so I’ll start using those.

Does anoyne know if you can buy a replacement torch body? The emitter’s fine. Doesn’t have to be genuine.

I emailed Klarus but didn’t get a reply.

Carefully disassemble the light heating the locktite
Clean the battery terminals

This can fix the problem

I can’t get at the terminals. As far as I can tell, it unscrews up by the head, not near the switch. I tried with tools but it doesn’t seem to unscrew anywhere else. I can’t even get the battery out with pliers. It’s pretty well stuck.

the light unscrews on the head

the tail switch section is fixed with locktite to the tube, use heat and some plier wood and a vise to hold the tube on the 2 flat cutouts

heat up the part where the tail connects the tube with a heat gun or gas torch to about 150°C

use an old bicycle tube
another small vise with wood to protect from scratching the tailcap
to get grip on the tail

twist the tailcap off, then you can start pushing the alkaline out of the tube

diassebling the tailcap removing the retaining ring with pliers
clean the remains of the leaking from the tailswitch board and spring

Ah, interesting. I have a heat gun that I can use. I’ll have a go at that, thanks! :slight_smile:

Or drill a hole in the battery drive a srew in it and pull it out

Well, I got the end off and the battery out, but the switch seems to be stuffed. I can’t work out how to get it apart to clean it. The emitted works fine, I tried it with a tailcap from a different torch. Any more tips?

the holes in that switch suggest its having a thread and is twisted in the tailcap
but disassemle would be hard

maybe get the switch with tail cap into water and boil it to remove the leaked stuff

you may try to contact Klarus to get a replacement tail cap

I might have a go, thanks for the observations. I’ll try the boiling.

I emailed Klarus but they didn’t reply, I’ll try them on the forum thanks.

Klarus will sell the part to me for a very reasonable $3, but standard postage from China is $12. Postage from China is usually very cheap. Not sure it’s worth that for an old light.

I’d try soaking it in vinegar or lemon juice

I’ll give that a go, thanks.