KLARUS XT11 or zebralight SC600 or Thrunite TN12?

Hi, I already know their beams because I have seen them on Internet but I'd like to know what is better for their features.
If you know them, can give me some info please? What would you buy? I have to buy it in 3-4 days.
Thank you!

I only have the sc600 but I can recommend it without hesitation..

Thanks for your suggestion. Are you also satisfied with its throw? I know it is very floody and wide. Is easy to use it?

+1 sc600

yeah its UI is it's best feature..throw is adequate for it's reflector size..it reaches out pretty far because of the high output..it is floody though, but not as floody as lights in the same size such as the uf-2100..

without knowing a thing about any other light if someone is asking if they should buy a _____ or a zebralight I'll say zebralight for sure ..Ok sure maybe not everytime but at that price range ...yeah you betcha

I have both the TN12 and tha SC600. I like them both, but the ZL wins out in the end. The ability to go to max or low immediately is a big plus. Also the availability of multiple levels. I paid slightly more for the sc600 (about $15) but it's worth it, IMO. Mind you, I like my tn12 too

Pity! I really liked it! But I cannot buy Olight because I absolutely need memory on the light and on Low mode I need a low light (5 or 10 lumens).

the sc600 doesn't need memory..that's not how this light works..you get access to whatever mode you want at the start by using it slightly differently..want max output? press the button..want minimum output? press and hold for a second and you get min output..want medium? hit the button twice or if you want to ramp from low press and hold until it cycles from low to medium..it really is one of the best UI's i've ever used..

Good! I have just known ZL gives greenish beam. In the forest also there is much greenish. Do you tink all that geenish will worry me?

The UI on the Zebralights makes them tops on any list!

mine's a tad greenish on low levels..all my current controlled lights go greenish when on low..it's just one of the negatives to current controlled lights..if you're using it mainly in the bush then you could always get the warm version of the sc600..slightly lower output but higher cri..I find it too warm personally wish zebra would go more neutral..still though the beam colour of my sc600 is pretty good..

Another vote for SC600! I bought it and now no other lights get used because the SC600 fulfills all of my general needs. It is TINY, the UI is absolutely awesome, and I know that it will be ultra reliable and durable!

Hands down, SC600 vote for me!

Vote for SC600

Tiny & Amazing

Wow! Looks like there are a LOT of SC600 fans out there

Maybe I need an SC600.

All you have just convinced me. Where can I buy the SC600? Do you know a trustworthy free shipping store?

I got mine from hkequipment. Paid $95 for it. Btw, I'm NOT in any way associated with any seller whatsoever. Fyi, the UI might take some getting used to, but once you've "gotten" it it's a breeze...

Do you like more Zebralight SC600 or Zebralight SC600W? Can you tell me how much time this model it old? Was it born in the 2010?

This is where I got mine, and he ships very fast. http://www.illuminationgear.com/14301/354482.html