Knife giveaway ***08/30/2013***WINNER ANNOUNCED****

Howdy good people of BLF.

This knife has been resting in a drawer for a few years now and i though i would provide someone an opportunity to give it some love, i also have a bit of an agenda here, which is to hopefully spark an interest for non “tactical” knives and slighly help broaden on BLF the scope of what is usually discussed in the international knife and gear related forums, where interest worthy european knife makers go completly unoticed.

The draw is open to anybody whose BLF member registration predates this message, only one entry per member accepted, only one message in this topic or you’ll be disqualified.

Anyone entering has a chance, i do not preselect my winners.

Winner will be picked via on august 30, 20:00 UTC, based on post numbers.

The knife :

Maker: Perceval
Model: L10
Blade steel: Sandvik 12C27
Handle material: Pistachio wood Lignum vitae, stainless liners


Good luck !

Like this knife ?

You might want to check out the youtube channels of Stefan Schmalhaus and MrDagon007 where both modern and traditional knives are reviewed.

UPDATE 08/18/2013:

-Turns out the handle wood is Lignum vitae, not pistachio, i somehow got mixed up.

Member Dave23 entry (post N°101) will not count, as stated above only members whose BLF registration precedes the original post date (Fri, 08/16/2013 13:44) are allowed in.

UPDATE 08/30/2013: has spoken.

-Winner is post N° 112, member Black Magpie.

Very nice, thanks for the giveaway! :smiley:

I’m in! Thanx for the giveaway…

Count me in! Thanks for the opportunity

edit: WOW! After going to the link on where to buy it, my jaw dropped... I knew it looked like a nice knife, but wow... very generous of you. I just hope who ever wins it dont end up using it like a $5 chinese blade....

That's quite a beautiful knife. 8)

I'm in!

Thanks for the giveaway JamesB!

nice knife
i’m in :bigsmile:

What a great knife. Please, where can the non winners find such a blade?

Count me in please, stunning looking knife!

That is a work of art. Please count me in

Nice looking knife. I’m in … :slight_smile:

Thanks mate.

Wow that’s beautiful, thanks for the giveaway

That is a fine looking knife. Thank you very much for the giveaway opportunity.

Great Knife! Thanks !!

stunning knife, count me in.

Beautiful little piece of equipment! Count me in. Thanks!

Beautiful. Please add me.

Great looking knife!

Thank you,
Very nice friction folder, definitely in!

I like! I’m in!

the knife looks nice, i’m in thank you!