knives from exduct stuck at "processed through sort facility"

My knife order from exduct has been sitting at “processed through sort facility” in HK since the second of july. Is this normal for you guys that have ordered from there or should I contact them? I have ordered from dx since then and that order went through that step in one day. I went with the HK post option because I thought I was familiar with that method but I’m starting to get worried. Is it normal to take longer for knives than lights and I’m just paranoid or what?

Sometimes that's true,I had my order stuck in N.Y. sort for a week or so and it still showed as there but showed up at my door the next morning.Tracking not always updated like it should be and in my experience is behind most of the time.It sucks waiting like that but sort facilities do get overwhelmed often.

They are on holidays until 16 July.

It allegedly shipped well before the holiday and that shouldn’t affect shipping as far as I know so I’m hopeful.

Processed through sort facility often means it has left the country. The last few things i’ve ordered have only shown as being process through sort facility, then 1-3 weeks later, they arrive.

My DX order that I placed a few days after the Exduct order is out for delivery today. I got my fingers crossed! :open_mouth:

Which knives did you order from Exduct? Just curious.

Enlan EL01 Grey
Bee L03-1

Alas, they didn’t arrive today, but there’s always tomorrow!

That Bee l03-1 looks like a nice knife. I’d be interested to hear how you like it when it arrives…tomorrow :slight_smile:

Sure! IF it ever gets here, I’ll post my thoughts on it. :slight_smile:

Update, still nothing. Probably gonna have to do a paypal claim. :Sp

Knives arrived today. I will post my thoughts on the lo3-1 soon.
I had opened a paypal dispute, but I closed it today.
I feel like a bit of an ass for opening the dispute but I had thought the items were lost or not shipped.
All is well :bigsmile: