Knog Bandicoot - an unusual new headlamp

Knog is an Australian bicycle accessory company. They have made rechargeable bike lights for a while, but they’ve started expanding their lighting range with a video lamp and now a headlight.

The headlamp is currently on Kickstarter and the campaign ends on 9 June 2018.

It has a silicone band, a built-in USB rechargeable Li-Po battery, and four sets of emitters - flood, throw, high-CRI for reading, and red.

What…no numbers?? You KNOW we need numbers.


It says over 100+ lumens from 4 LEDs.

I think its marketed at runners and others who are after a small headlamp.

49 grams with the battery where as a Nitecore HC33 is like 51.2 grams without the battery.

The reading light is around 3500k and the actual light is 5700k and it is CRI 90

Sounds interesting. I see a possible issue with fit, is that band adustable?

To answer my own question, it is adjustable. It won’t replace my zebralight headlamps, but i like it for some stuff. They are way over their funding goal, so i’ll probably just wait until it hits the streets in case like the last thing i backed which is over a year late on delivery.