KronoPics of Eagle Eye BLF A6-SE Sample

Thanks to bugs, wight, Toykeeper and Dale, I have a cool new toy :slight_smile:

Old set-up on top, new guts down below. 2 pics cuz I tried to focus on old and new.

Stock A6 High/2.7 amps

Modified BLF A6-SE/4.0 amps
Seriously bright for a tube light!

4A is chump change in that one, seriously! :slight_smile:

Nice work on the close-ups. Something is off in the colors but the shots are nice anyway. :wink:

Does that chic always undress in front of that window?

Yep…new camera…haven’t quite figured it out yet.

Not a chick…that’s a ghost :open_mouth:

Ghoul! :wink:

Very cool! Moonlight modes too?

Looks great! Can’t wait!

The chick (ghost) or the light? :slight_smile:

Seriously though the light does look nice, and cleaner manufacture than usual it seems to me on the internal parts.

I don’t see a chick or a ghost, but that house does look like it could potentially be haunted.

Indeed, very bright for a tube light, or any light really.

Great pics, thanks. This makes the wait for mine even harder. Any idea why you were only seeing 4 amps?

Thanks Krono. I was wondering where's ya bin.

What kind of cell are you using in the amp readings?

I use a Harbor Freight meter that was modded by CK, and it sometimes measures lower than what I have seen other BLF members get, so that could be it.

Panasonic 3400 NCR18650B

Calvin Klein :stuck_out_tongue:

Where can I buy that?

Thanks for the pics and info.

Thanks for the update.

If the price is $20 they will sell one a 1000 for sure :slight_smile:


Definitely a scary looking house…cool as heck though

Any idea approx lumens at 4A?

How hot does it get, 7 modes right L>H?

awesome build!

It took me a minute after i posted to realize who he meant but it was still a funny post nonetheless so i left it :bigsmile:

lookin good!