KronoReview: Odepro B58U Tactical 18650 Blue Flashlight

KronoReview of the Odepro B58U Blue flashlight. This item was provided by Neal/BangGood for review.

Odepro seems to be a new brand, which seems to be part of Brinyte, which I thought had changed to OrcaTorch…all very confusing! I’m not sure who owns what. Kinda like a Chinese fire drill…literally. OK…not literally, just thought I’d throw that in there seeing as how people love to use ‘literally’ when it’s not literal…lol

¡NOTE: BangGood and manufacturer websites list the stock emitter as XM-L2. My blue tinted version is definitely NOT an XM-L2. I believe it to be XP-E. Neal is checking with Odepro to confirm. Perhaps the white tint has XM-L2. I will update this when confirmed! NOTE: XM-L2 used in white tint, XP-E confirmed for colored versions here.

BangGood regular price: $27.50.


The Odepro B58U is a single 18650 tactical/hunting flashlight with a single XP-E emitter available in red, green, blue or white tints (white is XM-L2). The flashlight comes with a lanyard, extra grease in clear little tub and separate Chinese and English manuals. It is shipped with ample protection in a sturdy, non-retail cardboard box.


VERY solid construction.
Glass AR lens.
HA-III matte black coating.
No blinkies.
Reverse polarity protection (confirmed).
Solid, polished emitter shelf. Should have a nice thermal path.
Anodized threads enabling lockout.
4 tint/color choices.
Love my sample’s blue tint, especially through my cheapie scope.
Beefy, square threads.
Fits protected or un-protected 18650s.
Intricately shaped/machined Aluminum reflector. Super-deep design.
Tailstands, with or without lanyard, due to tailcap cutouts.
Cutouts on tailcap also allow for use with gloves.
Forward clicky with momentary on.
Manufacturer also advises that multiple colors and modes are available!


Flashlight is one mode only (mfr.can change).
Ringy beam.
Not tremendously bright, but decent considering it is really for night/scope hunting.
Glued driver.
.9 amps…is that normal for an XP-E (measured on CK modified HF DMM).

Packaged in a non-descript cardboard box.

Well protected on inside with ample foam packaging and bubble-wrap.


Lanyard, and little tub of grease…nice touch!

English instruction manual.

Close-up of Odepro logo.

Battery insertion logo on other flat side.

Battery tube. Beefy, square threads.

Split into 3 sections (light actually has 4 total…see next pic).

Head separated. Emitter section also houses driver/’pill’.

Reflector pics. Nice machining!

Pill section. Emitter is screwed down.

Screws came up easy. I peeked under emitter and it appears to be a flat, polished surface. Ample thermal grease.

Anode spring side of ‘pill’ section. Clear glue has driver locked into place. I won’t be able to examine driver.

Tail section torn down. Notice nice, thick Aluminum retention ring with lots of threads.

Cathode spring…well soldered to board with 3 solder blobs in triangle formation.

Forward clicky w/momentary on. Don’t know what brand/make…no markings on switch.

AR coated lens.

In hand.

Mounted to my Crosman Titan GP .22 pellet gun.

Wall shots. Beam profile is a tad bit ringy. On-observable when looking through scope.


Control shot.

Beam shot. Lights it up really well…might not be that apparent in this pic.


This is an outstanding light! Build quality is really up there for this price point. Quality HA-III anodization, square cut threads, solid thermal path, availability of tint color choices, lockout, etc., etc., etc. Machining quality also makes this quite a value at this price. While the beam profile is a bit ringy, it has zero noticeability when peering through a scope. I do not have a white tint version of this light, but I would imagine that with it’s deep reflector design that it would throw like a beast. Amps seem to be very low though…so hopefully they pull better on the white tint version. It would help if I had a white tint version to compare it to. Neal? :bigsmile:

KRONOMETER patented rating: 4.00 ot of 5.

Thanks for the review mate. Seems like a great torch for the price.

Thanks Box.

I’ll probably add some to the review after I take it out on a nighttime vamint hunt.

White color led is CREE XM-L2 U2 LED.
Red,blue,green led are CREE R5 LED for tactical

Thanks for sharing , kronological .

Hey Neal. I believe R5 is the tint bin.

It looks like an XP-E R5 was used for throw in this tactical light. Please confirm.

Hmm…can’t find XP-E in R5 bin blue…

What’s the idea behind using a blue light for hunting?

pickin up on the blood trail..

Also doesn’t ruin your night vision like white light can.

Supposedly some animals can’t see it as well…but I have heard red or green might be better…but blue is what I received, so that is what I will be using :slight_smile:

I wonder if blue light flashlight is more suitable for walking / hiking at night. Never tried one.

Great review btw. Nice shots. Well done

Nice job, Krono! Appears to be nice light as well.

nice pictures and good review - thanks!

Forget the light, nice bit of architecture. Thanks for the review, added thanks for the picture of the house.

I’ve got the red version - made by Brynite. :slight_smile:

Emitter info added to review.

Good stuff Krono - let us know how the blue works for hunting. Guys use red lights a bit here in NZ and seem to find it better than green for not spooking animals etc. Be interesting to hear about the blue.

Nice Krono, can you measure that reflector?

I’m just itchin to put a de-domed XP-G2 S2 2B under that reflector with a A17DD-S08 pushing all the amps it can muster! :slight_smile:

Glue? Bahh! Nothin a punch and hammer won’t take care of! :slight_smile:

Might have to get one of these…next year after I get all my flashlight debt paid off. (required statement in case my boss is looking…she’s informed me my purchasing days are deceased)

I might have to shove an MT-G2 in one o these bad boys! :slight_smile:

Question: Do critters see the blue light as compared to red light…I remember someone saying here that red doesn’t bother animals unsure if blue light is the same