You can see the archived poll results on the Wayback Machine:

I don’t know what either looks like. What am I missing


Can become really interesting

Oh, I see…. sorry, I saw this new topic before I saw the other one with the details.

I voted for custom but just don’t know if it’s achievable and then don’t really know how it will turn out.

How come it’s closed so early?

I have no idea…maybe it does that automatically…or maybe I selected too early a date when I set the poll up? I’m getting older, ya know…lol

Maybe sb56637 can reactivate it?

I mean it wasn’t even open for 5 days! Gotta call Sb to reopen the poll…

Oops, strange. It’s re-opened now. Sorry about that.

Thanks for re-opening the poll, SB! Get your vote it!!!

The KRONOS lights were amazing and I’m sure this watch will be too. Option 2 looks really good. Just started looking into watches and this could be the start of another money pit.


44mm case and green T100 tritium would be very cool :sunglasses:
The green ones are the brightest :smiley:

I voted (finally, lol) for the Carnival, but wouldn’t be against a Pepsi Seiko homage with trits either.