L@@King for my next light

OK what do guys recommend I want a.... Rechargeable Flashlight Torch combo car charger Mail Box Happy

lol :bigsmile:

2 lights come to mind: Xtar A01 and ITP R01

There maybe a budget combo Money mouth

how about the tank tr01 . a little pricey though.


How about a 12 battery charger for nimh batteries and a tank BLF light :P

lights that have a plug in on the side are pretty far and few between.


http://www.amazon.com/Coast-7575-Rechargeable-Flashlight-Auto/dp/B000P6WN68 cute pricey junk

At these.........




The xtar a01/r01 is far superior to any of those. Not really comparable.

You can get ITP R01 with R2 from SB for less than $35, and S2 version for less than $39 (+ shipping).



Great reseller. He also stocks parts/LEDs.

Chicago X but I was looking.. for a light to recharge by car