L.T.P'S Entry for the 5th anual build

Looks like dad did a few mods to it over the years. I think I have a course blade kicking around if it will work on your machine.

It is a 12” blade steve…

started machining the pocket

60 x 30 x30mm

will need to get a collet set as the chuck isn’t rigid enough. to much protruding
below the spindle

As promised a little more progress

had to visit the lathe to recess the bezel

thought i’d run a couple of grooves across the bezel to break it up a bit

got to love the dro for drilling holes

that’s probably it till next week see how we go

Cool build mate it looks interesting.

I have used Venom cutting fluid when drilling metal its good. Its probably cheaper then the Worth its made by Sutton tools.


Its good to see you converted with the DRO. A whole new world opens up with it.
Your block looks rather hollow from what one can see from the picture in the vice.

thanks for the link everydaysurvivalgear

I like the price 9.90

yeah steve the dro is good.

if I had a boring bar I would have done individual holes

now to trim it down to size…

I tried lot of different end mills from Banggood on aluminium with my CNC , i have yet to find some that are not crap, wih a european made end mill the cutting load is almost non existant and surface finish excellent the banggood ones are hard on the machine and make burrs everywhere and it’s very easy to brake them since they hardly cut, they are good on wood though for the price, better than the typical router bits with straight cutting edges.

Thanks for your thoughts James.

franticly trying to get things going
machined some groove and drilled some vertical cooling holes

trimmed to length

radiused the corners

yes that is a wood router bit

cut slots for straps

needs a quick deburr an polish and assembely

Looking good - can’t be too far from finished :+1:


Looking great, nice machining!

well assembly time there is a bit going on in the battery compartment
with charging board electronic and isolation switches and the narsil driver.

wires are soldered directly to batterys…

got some elastic 25mm wide from spotlight measured up swmbo’s head
and here we go

will try to get out tonight for a beam shot
it runs just on 4a to the 2 x xpg2 leds so should be good for 1 and 1/2 hours on high
from the 2 x 3400mah bats

apologies for lack of attention to detail


Unique looking headlamp :+1:

Nice work :+1:

What we need now is a review from the Mrs. :smiley:

with last years build

some twilight shots
shed 60m

tree 30m

yards 40m

give us a few weeks and we will see if she likes it or not…

Really cool build, looks like a nice useful headlamp.

I love the design i like having batteries on the back and the light at the front it makes the weight more even.

Not sure what id rather have a fire on the front or back of my head :stuck_out_tongue: ( Makes me think of loaded weapon when hes foots on fire lol)

Well done ltp. I liked your novel way of cutting the cooling fins. l’ll have to check it out next weekend. :+1: