L2i gone forever? (Confirmed)

Are all the L2i gone? I don't see it on SF site anymore. Hope they will come back. With all the other lights I bought, this was on my wish list for a long time, but never pull the trigger.

Not sure if they're discontinued, but you can certainly still buy them..


Thanks, but almost 2 times more expensive.

Yeah, that in and of itself suggests that it's probably discontinued..

Maybe having five L2is isn't so dumb after all . . .

Lighthound might still have some. I have a silver L2i and they have been out of those for a long time.


I have one sand colored L2i and wish I had 5 more of them. We need to sign a BLF petition and send it to solarforce. Srsly, that L2i is one of my faves! Has to be sand color though.

Lighthound is out of stock. Maybe I have to pay the ebay's price for the remaining 8.

They made a sand L2i?


FlashlightFoy, interested in parting with your silver L2i?

I'm kind of fond of the old girl . . . wouldn't dream of giving her up.


I know. Just in case you get tire of it. SolarforceFoy.

mizjif -

Post a pic of that sand bad boy . . .


Her she is reppin' the foybezel! Sorry for the low res iphone photo.

That's awesome . . . didn't know they made a sand L2i. You wouldn't want to trade a couple of black L2is for that guy, would you?


OK, mizjif, wanted to part with the sand l2i? I can dream , right?

Sorry guys :) I love it. Plus it is out at the cabin all alone right now so I don't even have it nearby. I may consider other trades, but for now, I am too attached to it to let it go :)

One of the main things I love about the L2i's is the aggressive knurling. I love a light with aggressive knurling.

I've often wondered why Solarforce doesn't put that knurling on an L2 or L2P.

Too bad if they stop making it; probably the best $8 host ever made. Never could understand why it was so cheap.


They put it on the l2m;)

Did HJK have the blue and sand Solarforces? IIRC they were not available in the US.