L2i gone forever? (Confirmed)

I feel the same about the L2r.

I traded my L2r but I'm thinking I need another one.


I thought you used the L2r tube as the 'handle' for making Foyzels.

Indeed I did and now I miss it. I'm using an L2i and I miss the longer "handle" the L2r provided. It was perfect for that.


I also have a sand-colored L2i.. Im not really excited about it .. but sure it looks different from other blacks or silver ones.

did same as mizjif, and sanded down the bezel, but unfortunately damaged the head a bit..(slightly)

I've just received an email from solarforce-sales - the L2i is indeed discontinued. :(

Damn :(

There are a few on Ebay, as well as SBFlashlights.com

SBF has them in gunmetal AND sand, BTW.

I just ordered one of the few L2i-s left in the wild... Now I'll have a black one in addition to my gray one.

Too bad all SF hosts come with that hideous bezel and I'll have to spend 8$ more at SF sales for a flat bezel. :/

Where on SBF? Couldn't find it.

Anyone want to sell their L2i host? I am interested. Seems all the hosts in the wild disappeared.

yeah, I would also like to know a cheap way to replace my bezel.
I sanded it down, but I still would like a flat bezel.
And maybe a OP reflector for more flood.
The bezel now actually tightens the spill, and I would like to get more out of it.

The L2i is my favorite SF host. I think that if they would have just included an 18650 sleeve they would have sold a lot more of them.

I ordered an L2i from SF on 1/8, noticed a day or two later the L2i was no longer listed on the site. Glad I got it when I did!

I got 1 from one of the member here. Thanks. Solarforce is nice as Foy said.


I just noticed that the Skyline 1 is history too. Have a soft spot for that little thrower - it was the very first light I ordered from Solarforce. I wanted to get the Skyline 2 but I kept putting it off until they discontinued it.

I guess there's a few others they've made in the past, too.