L2M deal

Lightake has L2m for $8.19
Not sure if its the same as the one from
Solarforce site but i just ordered 2 from them
and they were $10.99 . also got the L2N with a U2.
Sorry dont know how to post link.

Thanks for the heads up, but...


The real L2m from SF-Sales is much nicer.

+1 on rojos comment!

Just pay a few bucks more and get the real deal!

Considering you also get the extensiontube for 18650 I’d say that’s a way better buy…

Nowhere to be found http://lightake.com/Search.do/Search.solarforce


rojos, I have no doubt you are correct, but how can you tell it's a fake? (I would only buy a Solarforce from the source or an authorized re-seller, BTW)

It say L2m flashlight body and the name Solarforce is not mentioned

People have gotten L2m copies from lightake before that wont accept 18350:s…

Yeah I was’nt sure if it was the same or not.If you enlarge the
pic it says solarforce on it.
But i already ordered mine from solarforce anyways. :slight_smile:

It's either a fake or a very old version of the light ......The new ones 2011 or 2012 are both different and much much nicer than this one .. they are so much nicer that you really need to see the difference .

fake L2M = no deal :p

I have that exact light. I got it from KD a nearly a couple years ago and it's a clone of the old body style. Not a horrible light but spend a few extra dollars and get the real thing with it's it's extension tube and HAIII ano.