L2x T6 - SST 50 - SSC P7 MAglite - HS802 T6

1/ HS802 modified to XM-L T6 @ 500+

2/ L2x XM-L T6 @ 700

3/ SST 50

4/ Maglit mod / SSC P7

http://www.makeagif.com/Zh5RB8 Another gif ....

http://www.makeagif.com/U1sboT HS802 VS Mag Mod

http://www.makeagif.com/P5JF1y L2x XM-L T6 VS SST-50

What is the SST-50 in?

SST 50 is in my Ultrafire L2

I'm really not impressed with the HS-802 and XM-L photos. Did you had to modify the reflector to fit properly the XM-L?

I ordered from buyincoins the HS-801 since it was kinda cheap (they have yet to confirm the shipping) to try that myself.

The HS-801 and HS-802 should not differ much i guess.

No mods , just a straight emitter swap , driver etc was already done for the MC-E , + not the best place to showcase throw ..

Hmmm . my SSC P7 mag used to be the brightest light I owned , I was kind of impressed with it [ HS802 ]