Lambda KeyLight Alternative

I’ve only just discovered the Lambda KeyLight, and also that they are no longer produced.

Is there anything led based that is comparable? So far all I have found is the Jenesis Glowing Key Fob it looks like an ok product, but is a little too large for me.

I’ve had good results with these:

Thanks for the suggestion. I have quite a few of those from back in the day when DX had ten packs for cheap, but they’re not quite what I’m looking for.

The lambda keylights are basically an led tritium alternative. They consume very little power and will run continuously for over a year.

These might give you ideas to make your own

The Lamplighter

Project Lamplighter - my homemade LED keychain fob

I wonder if a rechargeable version could be made using 10180 battery and the circuitry for illuminated tailcap Pilotdog came up with.

CRX, I’ll have a proper look at those links when I get home from work, so far they look good. Thanks.

Kodachrome, I was looking at the circuit pilotdog came up with earlier in the week and was thinking I might be able to modify it to work with 2016s as I was given a lot of them.