Lantern from T-mart daily deal

Anyone still check t-mart? Maybe tomorrow daily deal, 200 Lumen Ultrafire 6248 W3 Aluminium LED Flashlight for $18.22. Use 4aa batteries, 6.3 inches tall. Claimed to be 200 lumen. Any brave soul?

The lantern looks pretty cool, I like the fact that it takes 4AA batteries. I noticed in the picture it comes with fake "made in china" Duracells. I am not quite ready to accept this mission, but it might be a good deal for someone else if they actually ship the lantern that is pictured(doubtful).

anyone got one of these

Seems ok and a clever design (rotating "head", which probably sacrifices heatsinking), but the levels as measured here appear kind of stupid. w/ 4 aa's, I wonder if they just resistored it. Not much of a risk at that price and looks pretty unique, though.