Lanyard Giveaway Part X lionheart_2281 Wins !

In order to celebrate my four year anniversary here at the BLF , I am giving away a handmade , one-of-a-kind paracord monkeyfist . This particular lanyard is of a type I call an 'endless monkeyfist ' , as there are no visible cord ends . The monkeyfist was tied over a 3/4" steel ball bearing .

A winner will be chosen randomly , and I will pay to ship it anywhere . Laughing

It seems four years have gone by so fast

Now the membership here is so vast

When it's all said and done

I hope you've all had fun

As for me , I've been having a blast

lionheart_2281 Wins !

In, thanks Jack!

Nice knot you have got yourself into Mr clipper. I haven't been here for four years but enjoyed your work the short time I have been here. thanks for that. Cheers.

I want! I want!

Happy Anniversary!

*clinches monkey fist Why I outta……

Lucky #5....IN!

Count me in Jack. I love these lanyards.

Cool. Hey bud!

It is always a pleasure reading your posts, and hopefully for another 4 years :-)

That is a very nice monkeyfist ('keesje' in dutch), I'm in!

I am in.

Thanks for the giveaway!

Thanks for the giveaway

Count me in, thank you Jack.

I’m in, thanks for the opportunity!

Your lanyards are always so cool! Time flies when you’re having fun. Please count me in.

It looks great! Count me in.

I’m in thx

It’s so slick! Congratulaions on your fourth anniversary too!

Thanks a lot,
You sure tie a nice knot,
So if I get lucky,
That would sure be ducky.

Ding, Ding, DING ..... I think we have a winner.... (Nice prose, cone) ...

Jack congrats on 4 years , and keeping us "tied together"