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After seeing this pic, Id like to put some little lanyards on my SRM knives, and my EL01.

Basically I know about paracord 550, but I like the thinner type of nylon cord in the picture too...what would it be called on the Ebay search?

Maybe I will order some 550 in neon green that might look nice on my stainless srm710. I found some 25ft lengths for $5 shipped...thats a good price if you just want to try different colors right?

If you guys have any cool lanyards or have tips about them please post1

Just look for braided nylon cord. You can also pull the center out of 550 paracord to make it substantially thinner, but it won't be nearly as strong.

I personally use nylon guywire meant for stringing up tarps. You can generally get something like 50 feet for 5 dollars at outdoors stores.

for paracord, good price, try edcdepot.

dx also listed 5 diff "paracords" recently, says 140Kg iirc, might be narrower than 550 paracord. just listed so no reviews yet.

Now this is something I know a little about . I get my paracord at . If you want to look at some great how-to videos check out TyingItAllTogether's Channel on Youtube . And the internet guru of paracord is a fellow named Stormdrane . His blog is amazing .

Warning : Paracord tying can be very addictive .

Did you make all of those Jack?

If so.........Wow!

I have made hundreds of fobs and lanyards , along with other cording projects . Here are some 3/4" ball bearing monkeyfists .

I must try to do that!

I really like those ball-bearing monkey fists with the two cords coming out so you can braid a fob out of it. The ones I've made were made for weapon purpose and have just one long cord coming out of the fist. I must have a go at your method. Would make a great fob for my lights and knives. 8)


Look for 4mm paracord. It is the thinner version (550 the thicker) and is used for finer lanyards for smaller items. ;)


I too recomend supply captain. Probably not the cheapest place for a European to buy, but the huge stock of colours, the fast shipping and the awesome customer support, makes me go to them for 550 paracord.

Has anyone tried the reflective one?

I just purchased some 3mm paracord for lanyards and such

Hi to all, thanks for the links and recommendation for the different sizes. I think I will order some of the thinner cord tonight. Locally isnt the best for me, its easier to order online. Thanks JMac, 3mm/4mm looks nice.

Jack - very nice work! I will check out those tutorials, it seems lanyards are kind of addictive. I was checking on Ebay I found a cheap seller of some intersting looking 550 cord for cheap. The 550 can fit on my EL01 and 710, but its too think for the 707, etc.

Anyway, this cord looks interesting in color...there is rainbow, glow in the dark, pattern, everything, LOL. A lot more than just OD...

Im going to try to get a little bead too. Im not really into skull beads, but Ebay has all types for cheap.

Sorry for the large photo, but I like this type of simple lanyard, the guy (not me) has some great pics, great knives.

Thanks to Vertex for the heads up on this site too...I didnt know paracord was so cheap...

I moved the other lanyard thread to the gear subforum...

How high is ther shipping costs (I do not found any information about it).

Do they write the real value on a package or like the chinashops only $5?

Don't apologise for the pictures!

Make them bigger!

But others may disagree.

Keep the resolution around 1600x1200 and set the width to 100% and they shouldn't upset anyone.

Hahaha, thanks for the encouragement...not my pics, but I rehosted from the original site. Its nice to see different colors of lanyard on actual knives, not just stock photos of paracord. From the little capsules I need to get some neon orange and neon green. The desert tan color is nice too...

Most of my lanyard hardware comes from Lighthound .

The knives are nice but where can I get a girl like that!!!

Brings a slightly different meaning to the term knife pr0n...