Laptop Packs

They are used packs. The ones that I have pulled have ranged from 2.1v to 4.0v. Using the on board diagnostics of the laptops most of the batteries are saying 60-70% of original capacity.

Here is the original post when I had 80 packs, Orig Post

These are going out as is and were from a large groups upgrade of laptops and these were going to the trash. I have pulled more than enough of them to have a stock for myself. They are holding charges and I have used them with good results thus far. I am waiting on a hobby charger to get more info. But I am already getting dirty looks from the wife about all the boxes in my office and living room.

It depends what you're asking for them.

Not really sure what they are worth I was thinking a few bucks per pack. Exact price I am unsure so I am more or less asking you all what a good price for them would be.

if you got them for free…

shipping costs and 1-2 Dollar per pack?

I was thinking that maybe 2-3$ for the 6 packs and 3-4$ for the 9 packs, would that sound like a good way to start? Let me know what you think and I will start a sell thread.

since my last pulls turned out bad…

33 Cents per Cell is a nice Number :wink:
-> 2$ for 6 pack
-> 3$ for 9 pack

I would do it by the box. About 25 packs fit in a box.

Do it by the box and just randomly put in a few 6 packs and say 80$+ shipping per full box?

If shipping is going to be most of the cost, I don't see the point in shipping a partially filled box.

How are you getting $80 per box? A large flat rate box fits a little over 25 packs. That should be $30 or less using the prices you mentioned earlier.

If you fill it full, you'll need to use a LOT of tape. The sides of the boxes that the ends of the batteries face should probably be reinforced, along with the short edges of the box. Another option is to tape a row of batteries together, then tape all those rows together, which should prevent packs from falling out if the box is damaged during shipping. Or skip all that and depend on the insurance that automatically comes with shipping that way.

The prices I suggested was, 2-3 for the 6 packs and 3-4 for the 9 packs. 25 packs 80$= 3.20$ per pack.

I thought you meant those prices was the total for that number of packs, not counting shipping costs. $3+ for each battery before shiping is a bit steep for used packs that haven't been tested since it's occasionally possible to get new packs for $10 or less including shipping.

80$ would be 3.20$, so what do you think is a more fair price? At that price its is about 0.35$ per individual 18650.

Don't worry about fair. Put it for sale at whatever price you want and keep dropping the price until they sell.

I would rather be fair and help members out than make a bigger profit. That is why I made the thread. I want to get a feel for what BLF thinks is fair, to both parties. I am new and giving back to the group seems like a good idea.

Well, that's nice of you. If you're not doing it to make money, and you got them for free, I'd add an amount for your trouble (gas, supplies, wife), plus a small buffer, and sell it for that. USPS flat rate boxes are free, so supplies may be limited to tape. If those battery packs are super easy for you to get, you don't clean/test/open them, you already had free boxes sent to your house, and you're having the mailman pick them up from your house instead of dropping them off at the post office, and they're random packs, then $80 shipped seems way more fair to you than for members. Keep in mind I seem to value my time more than members here do though, at least that's my conclusion from the low interest in cells pulled from old new stock, cleaned and tested on a hobby charger. You might find the same if you sell it for $80 a box. Ultimately, you can't really know unless you offer it for that price. Now if you opened all the packs, removed the tabs and checked if the cells were healthy, then $80 for a box would seem more for to the member buying than for you.

I would be boxing them and taking them to the post office. I have a bit into each pack from the supplier. So I could go to 2.50$ a pack and still make a reasonable amount. Is that more fair?

The end result is I would like to make enough for two or three hobby chargers and be able to test the packs after I pull them. Not trying to make a coin off of the group just trying to find funds to fuel the insanity.

Let the Market decide and in your add be brutally honest, that is always fair. It’s not like you are forcing anyone to buy them.

I buy a ton of batteries because I like to give them away with my lights. I have also sold a few hundred batteries that were pulled from battery boxes (not by me).

I was selling my batteries for 10 for $20 they were sony 2600 redtops. That included shipping and they were all unused batteries that had all been tested. How much are people willing to pay for used untested batteries? Well that is up to them. Laptops are brutal on batteries so I know I wouldn’t take the chance unless the price was really cheap. Even then I wouldn’t spend more than $25 on a gamble.

The price per individual cell including shipping would have to be under 40 cents for me to even think about it.

As you know it’s a ton of work dealing with these batteries. There is a lot of potential downside (possibly spend money/time and get none that work well) and because of the cost of shipping and work involved not nearly as much potential upside.

I think the red tops were 2200, the blue tops were 2600

But ALL of the ones I have gotten from you are still going strong…and work GREAT in daily driver lights I keep around the house, so much better than the stupid Ultrafire 3400mAh bats I bought from amazon or ebay can’t remember which (they actually get warm on the charger, fresh out of the shipping bag from china…your’s cool as a cucumber)…with cheap laptop pulls there is no reason to buy the crap Chinese mAh batteries

I plunk a fresh charged battery into a 8*7135 light, and it runs hard, gets warm but it’s the light/head not the battery that gets hot, very good batteries and the price just couldn’t be beat! :slight_smile:

I wish I would of gotten some of 18sixfifty’s, I have several dozen of my high drain samsung INR-15M’s and they’re great cells but I could really use the extra capacity in my lower draw lights. OP if you want to make as good of a deal as 18six did I would jump on that but I don’t need a huge $80 box of them, no matter how many were in there / how good of a deal I just don’t need to spend $80 on batteries…

Also consider selling them as is, not pulled out / tested. It’d have to be even cheaper since you have no idea what your getting but it’d save you from doin any work, make a little money and possible help some people out.