Large head zoomies, which one for throw?

A Yezl T9 ?


An Ultrafire T8 ?

Both are XML zoomies, the yezl having a 44mm head, and the T8 having a 48mm head.

Or would I be better off going for a Q5 zoomie?

Initially I thought of getting the Crelant 7G5 V2 w/ collimator head but I don’t know if the benefits of it are worth an extra $100.

If anyone has any experience with these or can point me in the right direction thanks.

I think you’d be better off with a proper reflectored thrower if just throw is what you are after.

I’ll just stick with the STL V2 then if that’s what’s best. Thanks JM!

I just hope it comes within the next week… been 15 days and counting

I only have an STL V2 clone but from all I hear you will LOVE it!

Where did you pick up the clone from?

I think JM has the marsfire clone which is available for around $23. I heard the driver is kind of a lucky draw if you get a good one or not. I’m on my phone now but when I get back to my computer I can get you a link.

Some say Small Sun C10 zoomie will outhrow STL-V2, I tend to aggree (dont have proper measuring insturments so can “measure” only by eye), but its totally different kind of beam. Maybe youll like it, maybe you wont. Its not so expensive, so you can try, if you really need just a thrower, because its spill isnt something to be bragged about.

Check this out, don’t know if the head is bigger the the T8 though
I kinda want to get it to see how it compares to my the one in my link (i also got that) and i already have the t9

Get this… Is a nice host… Mine came with a T6 xml, excellent flood and bright as hell ! But the throw 150 to 200 yards wasn’t what I expected… I sent it last week to E1320 and he told me how nice of a torch it was and a game plan for it . We decided on making it a 5 mode with no strobe… He suggested: I can stick one of the new XREs that pulls 2.8 amps and it will out throw anything short of Deft HO and I can do the custom 5 mode if you want with the firefly low. The light should be ready in a couple of days… :slight_smile:

I ordered it, i want to compare it to my t9 and i think im going to get the t8 to compare it to. I’m not sure what has a bigger lense. I really like the T9 but its not regulated which is a huge bummer for me:(
Is the ufT 20. Or ultrafire t8 regulated? I need flat regulation becuase once it dims it dims i notice lol.

I have been wondering what might be the largest aspheric lens installed in a budget light? I have 2 of the Small Sun C10’s and they look to measure about the same size as that new one that is at MF

I have not owned an xml zoomie but from some of the pics they look underdriven.

Definately want to hear how the E1320 modified one works out for you.

XRE drawing 2,8amps? Whats that?

the manafont/ultrafire link above is a clone of the wolf eyes nite hunter/pro hunter model of which i own 2.
they are driven at 2.4 amps on high,have a superb rotary/clickie tail switch and a good quality glass lens.
they white wall poorly but work great in real life
they retail for just over $100 so if the clone has comparable quality it is a bargain.
my lights are a b to take apart and the brass pill is mainly hollow with a weird driver in it.
when you take the clone apart is it a brass or aluminum pill, hollow or solid???
is the lens glass or plastic?

I don’t have any preferences set in stone. I want throw without going hid

E1320 says after modding:

Manny I got your light done this morning and this thing is fucken ridicules. I have never seen a light throw so far. So thanks a lot, now I have to buy one to mount on my scoped rifle because it smokes the aspherical I have on there now. It actually out throws any light have built or had in my hand for that matter what a beast of a light. You have a 5 mode XRE that pulls 2.8 amps in turbo mode 1.4 in high and has a .002 1 lumen low.

Is the T9 regulated?