Large Meteorite in Russia

That object was approximately 1m wide. You cannot track an object of that size. And intercept it at 30km/s :bigsmile: ?

Some clips:

50m wide but still maybe ,maybe not who knows :slight_smile:

Guys the meteor blew up in the air due to atmospheric pressure since it was travelling so fast. Nobody shot anything at this meteor since they couldn’t detect it.

Yep, I was simply repeating what had been said. I agree though.

Just think if that would of hit a city populated like New York.

Or if one like DA14 hit New York.

I figured that, scaru. Didn’t mean to sound critical.

The fact that it was reported to have been struck by a missile is newsworthy, whether it actually happened or not.

The REAL truth: Someone on the internet from Africa commented that NASA reactivated an SR-71 with linear aerospike (after being retrofitted with a special titanium nose cone with depleted uranium tip) to intercept the meteor. The tip was used as a giant ice pick to break up the meteor while in flight before entering the troposphere. The sonic boom was actually caused by the blackbird in supersonic flight, followed by a loud crash as the spike pierced the meteor, smashing it into dust. The mission was a complete success and the meteorite fragments are already for sale on ebay to the highest bidder. The staff at Wallbuys are already digging up common rocks from the ground to sell as counterfeit meteorite fragments during their next big sale. Potential buyers are urged to place their orders early through the special reservation service to assure that they will get one. Limit: 500,000 metric tons per customer.

It’s actually very common in Russia due to the number of people who fake accidents to claim compensation. Anybody with a half way decent car is a target so they just fit a dash cam to use as evidence. Have a look on YouTube and there are thousands of dash cam accident clips and the like.

DA14 come to us
But we miss her

Just in case people are confusing the two and their sizes… the one that streaked over Russia yesterday and apparently impacted. That was estimated by NASA to be 15m in diameter (I think this may be high). The shockwave was caused by it exploding in the atmosphere due to extreme heating (you can see the exact moment in the video, it gets really bright). That shockwave was from a 1-2m object.

DA14 is estimated at 50m in diameter and would have been a very bad deal if it had impacted Earth. To put things in perspective, it’s estimated that Meteor Crater in Arizona was the result of a 50m impact.

Staff at Home Depot have quickly retrieved all their hidden ‘Defiant Tactical Super Throwers’ for clearance sales to make space for boxes of space rocks hidden on the top shelves which are to be released only in a future promotion!

They will sell them to you if they find them though, just ask for Sku 666666.

That’s Armageddon! 1,200 injured, $30 million loss, 300 buildings damaged and it was minus 18 degrees.

Russians also made fun of the event : montage showed Putin riding the meteorite and Nationalist politician Vladimir Zhirinovksy said in jest it was really a new weapon being tested by the United States.

But Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin spoke about the need for an international initiative aimed at creating an early warning system that would also prevent extraterrestrial objects from coming dangerously close to Earth. Existing missile defense systems can be used only against ballistic targets because they follow fixed trajectories in the near-Earth space, but as far as extraterrestrial objects are concerned, it will be a direct “hit” from outer space. He said, “At the moment, neither we nor Americans have such technologies to shoot down meteorites and asteroids as they approach Earth. Russia and other major countries have their own outer space monitoring systems, but they are mainly intended to track down space junk that comes dangerously close to spacecraft.”

Currently, astronomers have no information on the size and trajectories of the flights of 90 percent of the space objects that may threaten Earth, Oleg Malkov, the head of the Institute of Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences, told Interfax-AVN. “Unfortunately, there are very many such objects around us in space,” he said. “We call them asteroids, or small bodies of the solar system. The larger the bodies, the fewer they are. Small objects are more numerous than large ones. In general, we know the trajectories and behavior of only 10 percent of everything that may threaten us.” “Thus, our ignorance is ten times more than our knowledge,” he added.

Scientists are saying that the meteor was half the size of that close-passing asteroid. I guess that would make it a hemi-roid… J)

There was a nice NOVA show on PBS tonight about the meteor… apparently blew up around 15 miles up with 500 kilotons of energy. If you missed it, check your local listings… it should be rebroadcast a time or two within the next week.

NOVA “may” be on the internet to watch as well. Not sure if all of PBS’s catalog is free to watch online but it’s worth a check.