Large Reflector Choices?

As far as off-the-shelf reflectors go, I have been searching for a “large” reflector for one of my builds. I typically work with lenses, so my reflector database is rather weak at this point.

-Reflector length is not a concern at this time.

-Reflector diameter would be desirable between 75-90mm, with potential to use up to a 4”(~100mm) diameter reflector that I turn down a little shorter and to a smaller diameter to fit. Likely for for use with MTG2/XHP50/XHP70 emitters.

Suggestions on “large” reflector choices, anyone? If it’s one you know exists, but is part of a light you know of and not sold by itself, I would still be interested in seeing the light host which uses it.

Most of the big lights have gone to multiple-LED reflectors. I’m trying to corral up all the big, single-LED candidates out there to make a comparison on the better reflector designs in use for these larger LED choices.

Any suggestions or reasons why you prefer a certain reflector choice in this size range would be well appreciated.

Thank you! :slight_smile:


I found these 75mm reflectors the other day.
I have no experience with them though.
They do look interesting.

Once you said XHP, all that came to mind was the Lum5-90 (and the BOSS1)

(if you search the forums, OL and Dale have both used them)

This is also a great resource from Ledil…

Wow, that is awesome!

I have a small collection here of throw measurements for the MT-G2 in various reflectors (most of them large).

I got lost in a land of reflectors—looks like Ledil has some good stuff they’ve released.

ImA4Wheelr, that’s a great post you have for the MT-G2. The one beamshot from the “Holy Hotspot Batman” post or whatever it was I recall reading.

Thanks a lot guys. I have a few I’m going to be trying it looks like.

Came across these made by a company called Nata. They have loads of others, but these might work well with xhp builds :smiley:

Edit:spelin misatke

Thanks, I’ll bookmark that place for future testing. I’m guessing with the new COBs becoming mainstream, a lot of reflectors are going to start popping up from many new places. That’s what I’m seeing happen.

What’s interesting to me is the newest Cree HD COB chips and their specs. The latest gen COBs as of now are rated at 6,400 lumens from a 9mm LES. Not particularly dense in terms of “vs an XHP’s die area”, but on the other hand they are achieving such ratings at normal drive current. Their lm/W is high to start with, which leads me to believe if it’s rated at 6,400 lumens, one might be able to draw say 8,000-9,000 lumens from one that’s cooled well enough. Not to mention the high CRI they have being an added bonus. I would think that a 9mm LES emitting that many lumens is going to throw better than the same light with 3 smaller reflectors, some wasted cylindrical space, and 3* XHP70s needed to compete with the same amount of total lumens efficiently. I think that is probably what’s more interesting to me about the COBs; the total lumens they can now make from a single LED package while remaining efficient.

i wiush we could ID whatever reflector was used in the “DST 650”… its prolly a BUCK somewhere in bulk in china? we just dont know where…

it would be cool to design a scratch build around a cheap reflector if it was the same one… i mean, wel can all pick stars and emitters… and drivers… make some tubes and add a switch… come up with heatsinking and even a PILL (i have a lathe) but? the REFLECTOR is the main ingredient that made the DST650 so dang COOL that cant be scratch built.

My biggest Reflector is from the Olight SR 90.

88mm diameter inside.

Ask an Olight seller for a retail reflector.

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Regards Xandre

What the heck is a “DST 650”?

the (in) fammous “defiant super thrower” everyone raved about and modded. I thought i got a DST? then i found out that was LAST years goodies, and the goodies i got was a “slightly lesser” 650 thrower model that more or less “replaced” the DST the following xmas season…

(i was thinking i got a date with a movie star? turned out i got a date with the movie stars stunt double, lol)

i actually liked MY 650 thrower? i can only imagine how much more cool the infamous DST was… sniff sob

but, it was a pretty basic 3-d cell light… decent pill size and heatsinking and all… but i guess it was the reflector that made it.