Large Wooden Outdoor Play-sets

Has anyone purchased on of these?
Or one from a different company, I believe Lowes has them.
Any recommendations?


Are you thinking of buying a full structure, or buying a hardware kit and making it yourself? How much space do you have? Approximate budget? (They can get expensive quick!)

I built one last year with this kit (but found it at Amazon for about half list price). I was able to salvage a lot of the lumber from old horse fences, and picked up a (used) slide free from a neighbor. Added a climbing wall with a piece of pressure-treated plywood and climbing holds from ebay (reusable / upgradeable to a “real” climbing wall as kids get older).
Works great for a budget option! Depending on the trees and topography in your yard, there might be other options for swings or slides that don’t require a freestanding structure, so that might inform which features you’d look for on the play set itself.

One specific recommendation I’ll make is for a big web swing, something like this . My kiddos call it the “spider web swing” and they love it. Gets more use than the rest of the swingset combined.

Hope this helps!

I think I and getting one from COSTCO its $200 off with free delivery. I do like that swing, might have to get that as well.