last minute camping trip!!!

just talking with mrs jmpaul320 today and we both agree we need to get away for a quick get away this week… its been since november 2012 since we have been away for a long weekend so its time…

I am going “cabin” camping at a state forest about 90 miles away… i say “cabin” because its really a glorified closet with a small space to sleep… its quite cheap… and what a coincidence so am i….

there are community showers, firepits etc etc etc etc zzzz…. the most important part that intrigues me is they have several small recreation fields and ponds for flashlighting… and also that they ALLOW alcohol

i think I might be able to actually get away with 4 lights this trip!?

btu SS

and a boatload of batteries of course…

i wish i had my deftx and that i didnt sell my xsearcher xpe2

what kind of stove are ya bringing?

Plate straight on top of the BTU SS.

LOL, im bringing a skillett and there is a grill/fridge there

LOL! Again with the stoves? Flashlights may not be your only issue, Pulsar. :stuck_out_tongue:

Have fun, Jmpaul!

no, they are not lol. i like the shocker/plate idea though... any try to fry an egg with that combo yet?

I’m doing a baked Alaska on a triple XM-L right now. :bigsmile:

Can’t say much about your lights, but I whish you much fun there! :slight_smile:

So, I’m not the only one with an above average interes in stoves? I guess I have to search for threads on that then. :smiley:

pulsar hijacked my thread lol.

Aren’t you supposed to be camping? :stuck_out_tongue:


how do you like your s2200?

Don’t you want to carry a smaller light with you? It is gonna be painful to turn on >3000 lumen in the closet when you wake up in the night. :slight_smile:

The lights that you’re bringing will surely aggravate some night critter’s. LOL

my wife has a thrunite ti and i have an itp a3 eos on my keychain

i also have a cheap terralux 2aa in my car

i LOVE it - one of my favorites

Love my S2200 as well. Check out the new K3 head with MT-G2 emitter. Comfy guided me through a mod using a 105c driver, I’ve had the K3 less than a week and it’s now drawing 4.05A through a Q-Lite! :slight_smile: Be fun to take that out with the S2200 and see how they stack up.

Be nice to the other campers!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

??? I need to know how this is done

And later on

‘There is some drunk guy boiling my ponds with his flashlights! What do I do?’

Hey, it’s a cookout isn’t it? The fish are already in the pot, just add heat! :slight_smile:

I thought you were going camping? Holler at me when you get back, in the meantime…relax! :wink:

(by the way, a ceiling bounce test confirms that the modded K3 is emanating more illuminance than the S2200)

Now go have some fun! Leave the lights at home, or most of em, and try making your wife glow instead :wink:

(Don’t be haters people, I know I just spoke blasphemy!)

A quick perusal of the rules showed me this, from the State of MA Parks Dept.

“F’Lights must not be bright enough to brown & toast the freshly mown fields, please be considerate of other users who are misguided and only own Surefire and Mag-lite (apologies to OL and others, please). Lights must not be used to ‘daylight’ (tan) other campers and finally Lights must not be used near the women’s shower… (obvious).

((And whats wrong w stoves, man if there isn’t an art and craft to all of that… I own at least ten! I don’t mod them though - ouch if you get it wrong!))

Need to know how what’s done? Being nice to the other campers? That can be as easy as leaving their dark alone or as complicated as inviting them to your campfire for supper and conversation. Totally up to you. If you and the missus steal away to the waters edge late night, most folks don’t really mind hearing a woman’s giggles out of the darkness. Just sayin…

Keeping 3500 lumen lights away from the women’s showers is probably also a good idea :wink: