Latest release Vapcell 21700 5600mah 12.5A battery

(djozz) Thanks for the clarification.

(vapcell) Thanks for stating the obvious and the offer of making something happen if needed. I have never witnessed such hostility on this forum to the protected cell form factor. As folks are heaven forbid injured moving forward it will unfortunately be difficult to spotlight but not hard to explain.

Glitching on my side there chief, 4 times, finally went thru, kept faulting out going into PayPal, kicking me back to the website? :rage:

Thanks for endorsing progress here Dennis. Me and others would also have liked a higher drain cell, but thanks anyway. The pricing is fair also. :THUMBS-UP:

The only 14500s I bought more than a couple years ago are installed inside a li-ion converted hair clipper LoL! :-D

Cheers :-)

P.S.: will post this at ForoLinternas' Recommended batteries updated thread, deserved it is (link to mentioning post).

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I don’t know how big the 16340 market is, but I was just buying new batteries and there was not much to choose from. So I’d appreciate if there were some (new) good 16340 cells.

+1 here for the 16340s development!
I have now more 16340 flashlights that need high drain cells for them, so I will be looking for some more news about it Dennis! And when I get back to market to buy cells, your store will be on my radar for sure! Nice to have cell manufacturers/sellers on BLF :wink:

Here are a few lights that use a 16340, they are several more that’s still not in that list.
A lot of newer lights are pushing the current limits on most 16340’s, we have no true 16340 high current cell. What is needed is a high capacity cell that can deliver around 2 amps at 800 to 1000 mah and a high current cell (INR16340) that can deliver around 5 amps or more at 600 mah or so.
Basically, just take the Aspire (Vapecell) INR18350 1100 mah cell and shrink it down into the 16340 size. You’ll have a best seller on your hands. :+1:

Why so low specifications? ;-) Dream on!

The TrustFire IMR16340 650mAh (red-gold) is one of the current references:

I've seen that wide tri-lobe/leg top in some other rewrapped 18650s, BlueSwordM said me here chinese OEM BAK was making them (the 18650s).

With more than 40% innards volume versus 18650s I think aiming for well above 1000mAh and mid to high discharge rate is doable.

E-Moli One Energy Corp (Molicel) may be a nice choice to aim for developing newer small cells, they make really good cells. Check this Mooch Poll: What is most important to you in a new battery? @ E-CigaretteForum

Cheers ^:)

I think the problem for 16430 is that other than flashlight enthusiasts, the market for high-drain cells is fairly small.

18650s have a whole host of high-volume applications. 21700 get volume from the EV market.

The 18350 doesn’t have the same sorts of volumes, but it did get enough of a boost from the vape market to make a good step forward.

Maybe someone needs to promote a small vape device that depends on the 16430. Maybe something you can stick in your nostril and leave there, or your ear!

Those are my favorite 16340 cells for high current lights. Even though the graph looks good at 3 amp discharge when you apply that to a flashlight, it’s still under performs. Voltage sag creeps up really quick on these cells even though they are the best 16340 cell for high currents.
From my testing at a 3 amp load the cell is at about 3.5v within seconds of applying the load, then in about 20 to 30 seconds after that its at 3.4v or so. At 3.4v it holds fairly well, dropping voltage gradually for several minutes until it gets to 3.0v. I got a little over 500 mah in 10 1/2 minutes with a 3 amp load at a cut off of 3.0v. Not really what I would call a great cell but it is currently about the best 16340 cell around for now.

Will these become available with a buttontop?
Any chance on a black friday sale for 6,99?

Mine came in today.

What discharge current was that at Djozz?

Hum, will these be “good” to the Led4Power LD-A4 (3A) drivers?
I am thinking of modding a light with that driver and single emitter for a good output and “decent” runtime! If these cells are good for those Amps, I may get some :wink:

Wow it’s legit! Thanks!

Yeah, but at what current. Most 14500 lights now a days draw 2 to 3 amps.
I liked to see a 3 amp test before I replace my Efest 14500’s. I’m still on the fence about these.
I may have to bite the bullet and order a set to test on the icharger.

The discharge current during the test in the Opus is 500mA.

I’d like to see a full test by HKJ up to 15A to see how these hold up in voltage and capacity against the purple Efest 14500 cells at high current (the Vapcell test at 3A already shows a lower voltage).

A hint that these still do pretty alright is the following: I checked the current in my direct drive 14500 zoomie with KW CSLNM1-TG led, two dark purple Efest cells and two Vapcell 1000mAh 14500 cells, right next after each other:

Vapcell1 4.68 A
Efest1 5.11 A
Vapcell2 4.78 A
Efest2 5.07 A

So just 7% less current in a 5A flashlight. If the Vapcell 1000mAh 14500 cell can hold up the capacity at this current remains to be seen (the purple Efest does hold its capacity up to 5A, at 7A the capacity starts dropping)

Sure we do :slight_smile:
The best is high drain combined with high capacity of course but I understand if that is a trade-off.

The best high current 14500 cell is, as far as I know, the purple Efest 650mAh 14500 battery. The high current is really impressive for a small battery. If you can find a battery with that performance and more than 650mAh capacity, or that capacity and even higher current, that would be fantastic.

I drool for one.

I am at your site an have the batteries in my cart. (Vapcell 14500) One thing I am just a bit confused about is: “Are they button top or flat top batteries”? Some of the photos look as if they are flat top others show a button. I need button top cells. Thanks.

Both options are available. Aliexpress gives you the option to choose the one you want. Look under “Color”.