Laundered my SC21Pro

My Sofirn SC21Pro inadvertently was put thru a regular cycle in the clothes washer. It came thru no worse for the wear, completely dry inside and fully functioning. Still my favorite small pocket size EDC (de-domed 4500K 519A)

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awesome to hear the USB port cover did not leak

great little lights
especially w DD 4500K :wink:

But…is it clean?

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My Hs10 went through the washer AND dryer last week.

I open the dryer in the morning and its stuck to the inside of the door by the magnetic tailcap. Just hanging out.

It went through a full wash cycle, with 2 “extra rinses”, and 45 minutes in the dryer on medium-high. Battery inside and everything.

Still works. Swear to god.
I have no idea if any water got in lol. It would’ve dried.

It didn’t make it out totally unscathed though. The anondizing and the bezel took a beating. It wasn’t protected in a pocket, it had fallen into the laundry basket and I didn’t see it. So it was just loose, smashing around in there.

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Oh yeah. It had been in my jeans pocket that were soaked in vomit along with my shirt. I had a health emergency and got a helicopter ride from the local hospital ER to the larger hospital 10 minutes away. Everything worked out okay with me only slightly worse for the wear, but recoverable and the SC21Pro as if nothing extra had happened to it. Clothes and flashlight got laundered together.

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Glad to hear it wasn’t too serious and hope you’re feeling better.

sorry to hear that
hope youre feeling better

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Yikes, glad to hear you pulled through it. Hope you continue to mend.

As for the flashlight laundering incident… it happens to the best of us! :wink:

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I have confirmed that no flashlights were harmed in the creation of this post. No news yet though about the effect on @MtnDon’s washing machine.

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:+1: thanks all

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Good to hear that it wasn’t too serious.
I’ve been really lucky hospital-wise.
I was born in a hospital and that was the last time that I was hospitalized.
When I was born the doctors said, “Now don’t come back, you hear?” :grin:
I also haven’t been to an emergency room or urgent care for over 10 years.
I have had plenty of doctor’s appointments, and I’m not in perfect shape, but I know that I’ve been very lucky so far in life. :hospital:

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Did the same with my C01s, came out dry too!

I’ve washed one flashlight so far, my Fenix E-lite. It fell off the split ring (the flimsy, included one) and I put it in my pocket and forgot about it. Went through the wash and dry unscathed and works perfectly. I think the USB cover came open too. It’s a super durable light, been dropped, banged around too. Still fine.

What a plot twist! I hope you’re fine again and that it was a one-time event!

“I always wanted a nice clean beam…”

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Yoiks! Glad you’re okay. That had to be scary…

Yikes! A helicopter ride to the hospital?? Sounds serious to me. But I won’t pry about details, respecting your privacy. I’m just glad to hear that you’re OK and have a good path to a full recovery. So, the Sofirn SC21 Pro was symbolic – just a little worse for wear, but fully functional. :smirk::smile: Nice to know these little flashlights are tough, including their HS10.

…you are not prying… natural curiosity…

a little artery blockage… not a total block but a partial. No outward signs even hiking at 9000 feet that day. No real pain other than a 1 on a scale of 1 to 10 in my left arm, that had no other obvious reason to be there. And some tiredness.

So there is a lesson to be learned. Pay attention to sudden strange feelings. The doctors all said it was fortunate we acted as we did.

The medevac helicopter ride was cool too. Great view out the front windscreen. Night time so it was interesting to see lights and be able to pick out what some of them were.

I got a couple of stents about midnight.

I found it interesting to find the hospital food was actually surprisingly good., BTW. There were assorted selections to choose from, like a restaurant menu. One could phone in an order when you wanted to eat. Breakfast 0:30 to 10:30, lunch 10:30 to 15:30, dinner 15:30 to 18:30. All the same, an experience I could have done without, but happy the facilities were there.

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LOL. :joy:

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